Hot New Prius C is the Latest Hybrid Acquisition at MPG Car Rental

Toyota's compact, new Prius is positioned to be a big seller. MPG car rental gives potential buyers a sample

Apr 09, 2012, 13:00 ET from MPG Car Rental

LOS ANGELES, April 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Located in the heart of Venice, and convenient to LAX via its pickup service, MPG Car Rental is a company to watch this year. Much in the way the Toyota Prius has spent the past few years building a presence on our roads and in our minds as a force to be reckoned with, MPG Car Rental similarly finds itself riding a wave of new interest in environmentally friendly car choices. Both Toyota and MPG Car Rental stand to be big winners with their latest offering: The Prius C, the new compact version of the bestselling hybrid car.

Although the Prius has existed since 1997, every Prius marketed in the United States has been a midsize car. This comes as a surprise to some consumers who erroneously view the iconic hybrid as a compact. Owners however, have known all along that the roomy interior of their Prius belongs to a midsize car. Now, however, the noticeably shorter Prius C has come on the scene this year, and consumers have taken notice.

While gas prices are painfully high at the moment, paradoxically, consumers do have slightly more savings because of recent improvements in the economy. An expanding market for new cars combined with increasing mindfulness of fuel efficiency has created a perfect storm for sales of a compact hybrid, particularly one with a reputable label like the Prius, and consumers have not been timid in embracing it. MPG Car Rental, consequently, will have a hard time keeping the Prius C available at its location since consumers eager to get behind the wheel of one will have to rent rather than buy. But this is, of course, welcome news for the trusted car rental company.

MPG Car Rental, of course, remains the premier Los Angeles car rental location for customers looking to rent environmentally friendly cars. With a wide selection of Prius cars from the previous and current generations, as well as other hybrids from a wide variety of carmakers, MPG is miles ahead of the competition in green car rental. The all-green fleet at MPG Car Rental includes flashier choices like the Lexus CT200 Hybrid, along with Lexus' compact SUV hybrids, the RX400 and RX450. The Chevy Volt is from the newer category of plug-in hybrids, which brings MPG ever closer to all-electric car rental.

As technology marches on in the field of sustainable transportation, expect MPG Car Rental to be at the forefront for all your rental needs. For information about any of these vehicles, such as the Prius C, or just to find out more about hybrid car rental, visit

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