HotSchedules Eliminates Restaurant Payroll Hassles with PayControl

New add-on simplifies timecard adjustments, punch records and payroll aggregation for HR, managers and employees

Jul 07, 2015, 10:00 ET from HotSchedules

AUSTIN, Texas, July 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- HotSchedules®, a provider of cloud-based technology for the restaurant and hospitality industries, today introduced PayControl, an add-on that eliminates the hassles of payroll administration. Designed to ensure timely, accurate, efficient payroll aggregation, PayControl consolidates time cards, tips and pay rules automatically. Equally suited for a single restaurant or global franchise, PayControl will save back-office teams and restaurant managers from hours of tedious data entry and reconciliation that would normally have to be done at the store.

Paying employees on time is vital in the restaurant industry, but labor and payroll systems were never designed to share information. As a result, time cards are often inaccurate and submitted late, the corporate office has to untangle the errors, and staff aren't paid on time. In an industry where payroll expenses can encompass more than 50 percent of a restaurant's revenue, those additional errors can be extremely costly.

Unlike other systems, PayControl brings together both the labor management and payroll adjustment pieces into one tool that can be accessed anywhere there's an internet connection, saving managers and HR teams time and money. Employees can login to HotSchedules to view their pay history, while managers and HR departments can quickly review and adjust data from multiple stores and then export that data into popular third-party payroll systems. PayControl can even account for state labor laws, overtime and other pay rules that are unique to each business.

PayControl includes a suite of tools designed to help HR departments and restaurant managers eliminate busywork:

  • PayControl Webclock is a web-based time clock that enforces clock in/out restrictions to ensure that employees work their scheduled shifts. Managers can override clock in/outs whenever necessary.
  • Time/Tip/Break Edits can correct time cards, tips and break entries.
  • Punch Card Communication to employees so that they can approve, deny or acknowledge these changes while in the HotSchedules web-app.
  • Pay Adjustments add specialized pay deductions or pay bonuses.
  • Payroll Aggregation Export consolidates all final payroll data and exports it to one file formatted for the leading payroll solutions.
  • PayControl Reporting allows users to view aggregated timecard data for all stores.

"We strive to create restaurant and hospitality technology that improves the lives of employees, managers, corporate staff and executives. PayControl aligns with this mission," said Anthony Lye, CEO of HotSchedules. "The add-on will knock out hours of frustrating manual work, ensure that employees are paid on time and save restaurants and other hospitality businesses from costly inaccuracies. If companies reduced their payroll errors by just 10 percent, PayControl would pay for itself 10 to 20 times over."

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