HotSchedules Introduces Reveal, the Most Comprehensive Mobile App for Restaurant Analytics

Built to deliver restaurant-specific KPI's, HotSchedules Reveal provides real-time insight into sales, transactions, inventory, labor, social media, weather and more

Jul 14, 2015, 10:00 ET from HotSchedules

AUSTIN, Texas, July 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- HotSchedules®, provider of cloud-based technology for the restaurant and hospitality industries, today launched HotSchedules Reveal, the most comprehensive mobile app for restaurant analytics. Combining data from a myriad of sources, including POS systems, HotSchedules and any other in-store, above-store and near-store sources, Reveal makes KPI's on sales, transactions, inventory, labor, social media, weather and more all available natively on a smartphone, tablet or browser. Reveal will help restaurant managers understand their performance in real-time and take action when it matters most.

Food and labor are a restaurant's largest cost centers, but until now, managers didn't have the ability to track and react to these variables in real-time. Restaurants could lose revenue for weeks or months because they lacked visibility into their performance. Existing solutions were simply too expensive for most restaurants, provided very limited data, were difficult to use and were not comprehensive. Consequently, restaurants couldn't identify problem areas or determine when and where to invest in new opportunities.

HotSchedules Reveal was designed to remove these blind spots so that restaurants can increase sales, reduce operational costs and seize opportunities. Reveal delivers a restaurant's key performance indicators (KPIs) all in one mobile app so that managers, owners and franchise operators can make data-driven decisions on-the-fly, across all their stores.   

Out of the box, HotSchedules Reveal delivers unique KPIs spanning all areas of restaurant operations. Users can look at current and historical performance data on a daily, weekly or monthly scale, and even drop down to 15-minute intervals for play-by-play detail. HotSchedules Reveal supports multiple languages and currencies, and the app is fully extensible, meaning users can add custom KPIs or data sources to the application without needing to wait for product updates or changes. HotSchedules Reveal currently supports data from Aloha and Compris POS systems and will expand to a broad range of POS vendors.

For restaurant managers, the potential use cases are extensive. For example, a restaurant owner might notice a dip in sales over a one week period and investigate what caused it. Perhaps speed of service declined because the restaurant staffed too few workers at peak hours, which, in turn, elicited below average Yelp reviews. Likewise, a manager might see that the sales average per person has dropped and trace it to unexpectedly high demand for a promotional menu item. Overall, the app is designed to help restaurant leaders see problems, investigate immediately and take action.      

The Big Onion Tavern Group, based in Chicago, IL, is one of HotSchedules Reveal's early adopters. Michael Sean Nickerson, their Director of Operations said, "HotSchedules Reveal is a real game-changer. It opens the proverbial kimono on our stores' performance - both the good and the bad - which means we can take meaningful action either way."

Sastry Penumarthy, VP Platform Business Development for HotSchedules said, "HotSchedules Reveal was built with empathy for restaurant owners and managers who are constantly on the move, need instant insights at their fingertips, but can't stop to fiddle with a desktop computer. Built on the Bodhi platform, HotSchedules Reveal instantly delivers all of a restaurant's KPIs in the palm of their hand. It's the only mobile-first analytics service in the industry, and we expect it to become an indispensable app for restaurant leaders."  

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