House Party Launches AfterParty(TM)

New Program Transforms Party Participants into Persistent Brand Ambassadors

Jan 05, 2010, 10:00 ET from House Party

IRVINGTON, N.Y., Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- House Party, a leading consumer activation and experiential marketing company, announces the introduction of AfterParty(TM), a new offering that continues the conversation a House Party begins, turning a one-day event into a long-term, ongoing relationship that delivers powerful and measurable results for months and years to come. House Party specializes in engaging thousands of qualified consumer advocates to build awareness and buzz about a particular brand or product through one day in-home parties. Now, AfterParty enables brands to continue the conversation - with, among, and beyond their advocates - both for insights and continued activation.

"House Party events generate so much excitement and energy," said Kitty Kolding, CEO, House Party, "that once they're over, both consumers and clients tell us they want to continue the experience. So we developed AfterParty, to help prolong the fun and productive exchange between a brand and its advocates that a House Party event begins."

Companies and brands can use AfterParty in various ways to meet their specific needs: generate ongoing email communication, stimulate online registration, convert new customers, and so on. AfterParty members blog and upload photos and videos; answer surveys and polls; and stay abreast of news, product launches and consumer events. For their participation, AfterParty members get exclusive, insider access to brands they love. They're often the first to learn about new products, and they receive the best offers in the marketplace, such as exciting contests and sweepstakes, samples, coupons, and branded merchandise. Brands monitor the results in real time via House Party's AfterParty dashboard.

Sargento® recently hosted the Sargento Finishers® "Great Create" AfterParty. The brand e-mailed coupons to AfterParty participants, invited them to create meals and dishes with Sargento Salad and Potato Finishers, and encouraged them to join the brand's Great Create Sweepstakes. As a result, participants on average spent over 10 hours in the AfterParty - blogging, answering polls, uploading photos, etc. - and their attitudes toward the brand soared, with well over 75% saying they were likely to purchase and recommend. Participants invited an average of 10 new people to join the AfterParty, and talked with an average of 20 additional people about Sargento Finishers.

Some example participant postings:

"I've had a great time learning about all the different and exciting ways to have fun and make memories with my family, thanks again Sargento and House Party!!"

"I love adding Sargento cheese to almost every dish. I add Sargento cheese to chili, tacos, soups, dip, and many other dishes. What are some of the things that you like adding cheese?"

"So excited to take advantage of this upcoming holiday to show off the different ways to use Sargento Finishers and to let my guests experience the wonderful products Sargento has to offer!"

"Sargento saw amazing engagement, advocacy, and feedback from the two House Party events we conducted," said Troy Davis, Senior Marketing Manager of Sargento. "AfterParty enabled us to continue connecting with our brand advocates, about creating meals with Sargento Finishers and participating in our sweepstakes. This additional exchange has been deeply insightful and truly priceless."

House Party is currently offering AfterParty to all of its clients. Upcoming AfterParty events are listed on House Party's event page (

About House Party

Founded in 2005, House Party ( is a leading consumer activation and experiential marketing services company that engages thousands of qualified consumer advocates who host in-home parties featuring a brand, product or element of entertainment programming. Managed via a proprietary, customized online community space for each brand event, consumers engage both in home and online to explore and promote brands they love. Headquartered in Irvington, NY, House Party works with such industries as consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, television, theatrical releases, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical, toys & games and automotive. Current clients include NBC, Disney, Ford, Microsoft and P&G.

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