How BRICS Consumers Behave

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NEW YORK, Aug. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

How BRICS Consumers Behave

With growing economies, rising incomes and expanding middle classes, the five emerging countries that form the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) offer a wealth of potential for consumer goods companies facing stagnant demand in the West. However, these markets are far from homogeneous and each has its own advantages and pitfalls. This new global report compares and contrasts the characteristics and buying behaviour of BRICS consumers, and identifies future opportunities for grow...

Strategy Briefings offer unique insight into emerging trends world-wide. Aimed squarely at strategists and planners, they draw on Euromonitor International's vast information resources to give top line insight across markets and within consumer segments. Written by some of our most experienced analysts, they are designed as provocations for senior management to use in their own forum, allowing them to stand back and reflect on the behaviour and motivation driving global markets today and tomorrow

Data coverage: market sizes (historic and forecasts), company shares, brand shares and distribution data.

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August 2013


Executive Summary
Market Drivers
Chart 1 A Comparison of Income and Spending in BRICS Markets in 2013
Consumer Spending
Chart 2 How BRICS Consumers Spend
Consumer Behaviour and Markets
Summary 1 Commonalities and Differences in Behaviour between BRICS Markets
A Formidable Force
the History of the Brics Grouping
But Are They Compatible?
Market Drivers
Economic Indicators
Chart 3 BRICS GDP by Country 2013
Chart 4 BRICS Real GDP Growth by Country 2008-2013
Chart 5 BRICS Unemployment by Country 2008/2013
Chart 6 BRICS Female Employment by Country 2008/2013
Income Trends
Chart 7 BRICS Per Capita Disposable Incomes 2008/2013
Growing Middle Classes
Table 1 BRICS Population by Social Class 2013
Chart 8 BRICS Middle Income Households 2008/2013
Chart 9 BRICS Households with Income over US$10,000 (PPP)
Rising Vehicle Ownership
Chart 10 BRICS Car Ownership by Country 2008/2013
Income Disparity
Table 2 BRICS Gini Coefficient by Country 2008/2013
the Growth of Hnwis
Chart 11 BRICS HNWI Population by Country 2010-2011
Demographic Trends
Chart 12 BRICS Total Population by Country 2008/2013
Chart 13 BRICS Birth Rates by Country 2008/2013
Chart 14 BRICS Mean Age of Population by Country 2008/2013
Levels of Urbanisation
Chart 15 BRICS Urban Population as % Total by Country 2008/2013
Chart 16 World's Most Populous Cities in 2012
Consumer Spending Patterns
Savings Ratio
Chart 17 BRICS Savings Ratio by Country 2008/2013
Consumer Expenditure
Chart 18 BRICS Per Household Expenditure by Category 2013
Chart 19 BRICS Growth in Per Household Expenditure by Category 2008-2013
Consumer Behaviour and Markets
Eating and Drinking
Table 3 BRICS Per Capita Consumption of Fresh Food by Country 2012
Table 4 BRICS Sales of Packaged Food by Country 2008/2013
Table 5 BRICS Per Capita Sales of Packaged Food by Country 2008/2013
Summary 2 Packaged Food Trends by Country 2008/2013
Drinking Habits
Table 6 BRICS Per Capita Consumption of Alcoholic Drinks 2012
Leisure Habits
Table 7 BRICS Middle Class Consumers: Favourite Activities Away From Home 2012
Eating Out
Chart 20 BRICS Frequency of Eating Out by Country 2012
Foodservice Market Trends
Table 8 BRICS Sales of Consumer Foodservice by Country 2008/2013
Table 9 Per Capita Sales of Consumer Foodservice by Country 2008/2013
Attitudes To Health
Chart 21 Obesity Rate by Country 2012
Smoking Prevalence
Chart 22 Smoking Prevalence by Country 2012
Consumer Healthcare
Table 10 BRICS Per Capita Sales of OTC Products by Country 2008/2013
Health and Wellness
Table 11 BRICS Per Capita Sales of Health and Wellness by Country 2008/2013
Beauty and Personal Care
Table 12 BRICS Sales of Beauty and Personal Care by Country 2008/2013
Table 13 BRICS Per Capita Sales of Beauty and Personal Care by Country 2008/2013
Summary 3 BRICS Personal Care Trends by Country 2008/2013
Table 14 BRICS Middle Class Consumers: Ownership of Electronic Devices 2012
Chart 23 BRICS Internet Users as % Total Population 2008/2013
Table 15 BRICS Per Capita Sales of Selected Consumer Electronics in 2013
Table 16 BRICS Internet Retailing by Country 2008/2013
Trends in Grocery Shopping
Chart 24 BRICS Share of Modern Retail Formats 2008/2013
Attitudes Towards Shopping
Table 17 BRICS Middle Class Consumers: Shopping Habits 2012
the Market for Luxury Goods
Table 18 BRICS Sales of Luxury Goods by Country 2008/2013
Attitudes Towards Travel
Chart 25 BRICS Domestic Tourism by Country 2008/2013
Chart 26 BRICS Outbound Tourism by Country 2008/2013
Attitudes Towards Money and Status
Table 19 BRICS Middle Class Consumers: Money, Status and Shopping 2012
Future Outlook
Brics Economies Set for Further Expansion
Chart 27 BRICS Forecast Real GDP Growth by Country 2013-2017
Incomes Will Continue To Rise
Chart 28 BRICS Forecast Per Capita Disposable Incomes 2013/2017
Inequality To Worsen, But at A Slower Pace
Table 20 BRICS Projected Gini Coefficient by Country 2013/2017
Middle Classes To Expand Further
Chart 29 BRICS Forecast % Households With Annual Income Over US$10,000
Consumer Expenditure Set To Rise Across Brics
Chart 30 BRICS Household Consumer Expenditure 2013/2017
A More Sophisticated Consumer Base
Populations Will Continue To Age
Chart 31 BRICS Forecast Mean Age of Population by Country 2013/2017
Cities Will Expand Further
Future Spending Habits
Table 21 BRICS Middle Class Consumers: Future Spending Habits
Growth Markets for the Future
Table 22 BRICS Forecast Growth in Selected Consumer Categories by Country 2013/2017
Challenges for Marketers

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How BRICS Consumers Behave

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