How did cancer become a leading cause of death in China?

"Urbanization Push", "Rhino Farmers", and "China's Bravest Attorney"

May 28, 2013, 10:28 ET from NewsChina

NEW YORK, May 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- 2013 June issue of NewsChina magazine's cover stories highlighted "Cancer in China", "Urbanization Push", "Rhino Farmers", and "China's Bravest Attorney".

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Under the cover headline "Sleeper Cells", questioned how cancer in China went from being relatively uncommon to a leading cause of death in the time it has taken the country to industrialize.

Cancer in China was featured in two stories.
A Malignant Issue China's cancer rate has outpaced all expectations, hitting a wide range of demographics. Can the country deal with it?
Refusing Treatment Choices can have a big influence on China's cancer problem, but whose matter more – those of individuals, or of policymakers?

In addition,
Special Report: Is Bigger Better? Urbanization Push asked whether Urbanization is Blessing or Burden? A shrinking trade surplus and economic uncertainty are looming over China's new leadership. Their response has been a renewed call for further urbanization to boost domestic consumption. But are even bigger cities the solution?
Society: Human Shield: China's Bravest Attorney, Chi Susheng was featured as Born Defensive In a country that often brings charges against defense attorneys upon the conviction of their clients, lawyer Chi Susheng has stood out simply by standing up to power
Environment: Horned Dilemma: Rhino Farmers discussed Imported Rhinos, under No Introduction Necessary? The controversial introduction of seven non-native white rhinos into Pu'er National Park in southern China has been marketed as a "re-introduction" of an extinct, unrelated local species. However, critics claim it is an attempt to kick-start a rhino-farming operation to feed China's insatiable demand for rhino horn

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