How Do Industry Experts See the Future Development of the Pharmaceutical Cold Chain?

Apr 23, 2013, 08:00 ET from CPhI Conferences

SHANGHAI, April 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, conference organizer CPhI Conferences conducted interviews regarding the four hot topics of the pharmaceutical cold chain industry with some honorable speakers of The 3rd Pharma Cold Chain China 2013.

They are: Sherman Cheung, the Former Senior Supply Chain Management Director of Sanofi Pasteur / President of Sherman Addison Consulting Inc.; Ron Pierce, the Technical Director-Asia of Cool Logistics Australia; and Masih Sabet, the Sr. GMP Compliance of NNE Pharmaplan. The questions posed to them were as follows:

  • How do you think the pharma cold chain industry in China will perform in the near to medium term?
  • What are the top burning cold chain challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies?
  • Do you find any gap between the services from cold chain vendors and the expectations of pharmaceutical companies?
  • Will an effective collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and vendors/service providers help overcome cold chain challenges? If yes, how?

Do you want to know how these experts looked at the hot topics above? CLICK HERE to download [Expert Perspective] to gain the insights of their wonderful answers.

A sample of their responses is as follows:

Q2: What are the top burning cold chain challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies?

Cost-effective distribution and cold chain integrity.
- Ron Pierce, Technical Director-Asia, Cool Logistics Australia

1.     Insufficient cold chain management knowledge within industry.
2.     Insufficient or lack of one-stop shopping 3PL cold chain logistic organizations that can serve this vast industry in China, an organization that is fully aware of the cold chain management with ability to interpret the Chinese and international regulations.
- Masih Sabet, Sr. GMP Compliance, Project Execution, NNE Pharmaplan

There are still many different approaches, assumptions and theories on cold-chain management in the cold chain industries. In other words, the industries are still struggling to identify and agree on the standard and best-practice on managing cold chain. Today, pharmaceutical companies are still facing substantial cold chain excursions and product losses. The eroding profit margin, on the other hand, complicates and/or slows down the continuous improvement process.
Sherman Cheung, Former Senior Director, Supply Chain Management, Sanofi Pasteur President, Sherman Addison Consulting Inc.

In addition, these guests provided advance notice for the speeches that they plan to make at the event this year. Sherman Cheung will share some "myths" of cold chain management and some key live illustrative examples that prove the importance of industries' collaboration; Ron Pierce will demonstrate that there are several packaging technologies, each with their own performance capability and price point; Masih Sabet will provide some suggestions on how to select and purchase refrigeration / temp-control equipment. For more information, please click: or CLICK HERE to download the full agenda.

The 3rd Pharma Cold Chain China 2013 is organized by CPhI Conferences, and will take place on May 23 to 24 at the Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel. To book seats, please call +86-21-61573930 or CLICK HERE to register online. 

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