How Inbound Marketing Killed a Mountain Goat, What Not to Do for Leads and More

Revenue River Marketing Illustrates the Finer Points of Digital Marketing

Nov 04, 2015, 14:31 ET from Revenue River Marketing

DENVER, Nov. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Inbound marketing has produced countless articles to educate consumers on products, services and industry trends.  The point of inbound, after all, is to let potential customers drift down the funnel at their own speed and eventually work their way through the small end of the funnel.  Revenue River Marketing decided that as people work their way down the path called the "buyer's journey" they might as well have a little fun. 

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We challenge ourselves to not only educate, but also entertain, engage and give our readers a productive diversion from their day.  With thousands of marketing articles being published daily, how can any one article stand out?  What's the point in publishing more; isn't all the information anyone could need already out there?

It's not the subjects that we write about, but the passion with which we parlay it.  When one of us was facing death on a hunting trip, inbound marketing was still at the forefront of his thought process.  In our spare time we practice creative writing to come up with ways to keep our client's blogs fun to read.  The following are the highlights from the blogs we published in October…       

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