How Technology Helps Citizen Fight for Their Rights and Protect the Law

Jan 12, 2016, 10:00 ET from ARoglyph Inc

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, January 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

ARoglyph mobile service lets you leave messages ("marks") at your location to spread the word, to create local maps and to capture evidences of any wrongdoing.

New version of popular ARoglyph service, now with fully anonymous messages ("marks"), opens new possibilities for local communication and coordination between people fighting against tyranny, or people trying to keep order on streets of their cities.

With ARoglyph you can pin virtual marks with text notes, voice comments or pictures to the place where you are now. Those marks can be seen now or later by any or only chosen people, as you wish, but only when they are not far from the mark. People can view, listen and comment marks and this way communicate with the mark author and with other people around.

Anonymous marks help people coordinate their meetings, strikes and other acts of civil disobedience without the risk of being prosecuted by secret services and regime-powered thugs. Leave messages for others, mark places of public importance or safety islands during street actions - with ARoglyph people around will easily see your marks and reach marked places. Spreading a word about local events is also easier in ARoglyph than in social networks, as marks are visible to everyone around, and not just friends and followers.

And if you are an eyewitness of the crime or a car accident, you have a chance to capture the graphic or sound evidence and pin a mark with them right where the event has happened, thus fixing the scene and saving it from alteration by the participants. And again staying anonymous helps you avoid any risk and possible revenge from criminals later.

ARoglyph service is available for users of iOS and Android mobile devices, including Android Wear smart watches.

The web site of the service is  . The press kit is available on

iOS version of the app can be installed via App Store ( ) and Android version is available in Google Play Store ( ).

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