How to build a global pharmaceutical company in three easy steps: Dr. Eli Fischer prescribes health regimen for entrepreneurs

World-acclaimed scientist/industrialist Dr. Eli Fischer tells how he did it in his eye-opening memoir "Dr. Fischer: The Man Behind the Logo," on sale today as a $2.99 eBook on and other outlets

Jul 08, 2013, 11:13 ET from Fischer Pharmaceuticals

NEW YORK, July 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- If you're thinking of building a global pharmaceutical company, there are a few things you might consider doing first, like going to Harvard and then obtaining your doctorate in pharmacy from University of California.


This is how Dr. Eli Fischer (, founder of worldwide Fischer Pharmaceuticals based in Israel, began his illustrious career, as told in his eye-opening memoir "Dr. Fischer: The Man Behind The Logo," which went on sale today as a $2.99 eBook on and other outlets.

Next, return to your native Israel and begin inventing and developing many innovative products, he writes, including the most advanced Eyelid Cleansing Wipes and Sun Screens on the planet, sold today in over 30 countries, including the U.S.

Then always keep your private life and community work an integral part of your scientific and business achievements. 

This is the compelling story of Dr. Fischer's brilliant career as an entrepreneur, whose vision was sharpened years ago when he began teaching blind children in Israel. This experience led to him developing state-of-the-art medications, which today are treating the eyes of adults and children worldwide. 

"They taught me to see things in a way I would never have seen by myself."

Today his extraordinary health products are expanding in the U.S. where he began his journey at Harvard, which led to his becoming Israel's preeminent scientist-industrialist. 

His is a story of passion and dedication to helping others while building the global company, Fischer Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Fischer was born in Karlovivary in the Czech Republic and moved to Israel with his family at the age of three.  He earned his master's degree cum laude from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem following which he was accepted for doctoral studies at Harvard.  After receiving a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of California, he returned to Israel, where he established an innovative factory for producing new types of medications under the brand "Dr. Fischer," today a well-known, widely-respected brand name.  Fischer Pharmaceuticals' products are now sold in over than 30 countries. 

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