How to do email marketing well

Aug 03, 2013, 15:00 ET from

NEW YORK, Aug. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Here is a brief talk shared by B2C, which has a wide range of products such as womens clothing, mens clothing, fashion watches, fashion jewelry, and more.

  1. Include key words that attract the recipient's attention in the title. To do this will require in-depth analysis of mining the recipient's concerns and points of interest, combined with their own characteristics to grasp.
  2. Email senders and email address are very important, according to our experience. When the e-mail recipient receives the message, if there are impressions of the sender's name and address, average open rates are more than two times higher than ones no impressions. Thus, email marketing must: first, maintain a sustainable and stable sender name; second, try to be deeply impressed by the recipients when you acquire their subscription and use a consistent sender's name; third, use a unique domain name and address for the sender and adopt SPF and DKIM signature technology to prevent illegal elements for fraudulent use.
  3. To increase email reach and deliverability rates, you need a professional email marketing service provider to provide high quality services.
  4. Seek continuous feedback and improvement. Analyzing the reason why users receive email but not open it through some questionnaires or surveys is a very good way to improve the open rate.
  5. Refining your user list for more targeted content increases the ratio of open and read. Therefore, divide your active mail list based on interest, and send messages with targeted content. You may be asking, how do you know what the users' points of interest are? Through their historical behavior, such as a click on the link (not just the subject, there are coupons, activity information, and so on), or doing a mail survey, mining they what are really interested in.
  6. Personalize titles with valued content. In our extensive experience we found that if the email recipient's name is in the title and that is the message of the day, then it is 24% more likely to be opened than a message without the recipient's name.