How to keep your pets safe from dangers of mouse poisons & traps with natural rodent control

Sep 18, 2012, 17:27 ET from Earth-Kind

BISMARCK, N.D., Sept. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- "Our pets count on us to keep them safe," says Earth-Kind CEO Kari Block ( "When they tangle with rats or mice in our homes, or get into mouse traps or poison, they can die."


Over 30 % of the U.S. population have rats or mice in their home at some time during the year, and they spread more than 35 known diseases, from allergies to hanta virus, the deadly lung disease we've recently heard about from Yosemite. They're nothing to mess with.

3 dangers of rodents, poisons, and traps that can kill pets

Rodent control is important, but traditional methods—traps and poisons—put pets at risk. Here are three ways that rodents and poisons can kill your pets.

1.  Eating rodent poison. Many types of bait used to attract mice and rats contain ingredients that also attract pets. In 2011, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( reported an average of 7,000 accidental pet poisonings from mouse & rat poisons.

2.  Eating poisoned rodents. A pet that eats a mouse or rat that has ingested a poison- is also eating that poison. The poison will become increasingly concentrated in their body, leading to severe pain, astronomical veterinary bills, and often a horrible death.

3.  Eating trapped, disease-carrying rodents. Pets that find a rodent in a trap or on a sticky pad may approach it. A bite from a disease-carrying mouse or rat, mite, or flea on an infested rodent, can seriously threaten your pet's life—and your family's, too.

Natural rodent control gets rid of mice and rats—safely

Many pets will try to catch rats and mice. Once inside, rodents can find safety inside walls, crawl spaces, drains, ceiling tiles, and many other places your pet can't get to. Just one pair of mice can breed up to 15,000 more mice in a year.

Good news for pets, and eco-conscious home owners: The Federal EPA has moved to register the nation's first natural rodent repellent for indoor-use, now available for sale in all 50 states; Fresh Cab® botanical rodent repellent.

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