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NEW YORK, Jan. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Whether you're trying to turn your "house" into a "home", or you're trying to give your home some added resale value, you've got to give some extra attention to the kitchen. After all, as the experts at point out, buyers these days are keeping an extra-sharp eye out for great kitchens! So, if you're planning on renovating your kitchen, you've got to pick the perfect paint color. But with so many to choose from, which is right for you? home selling tips: YouTube For Real Estate

Start by deciding what kind of décor you want. Do you want your kitchen to have a warm, inviting vibe? Or would you rather create a modern, sophisticated space? Or, maybe you want to have super-trendy kitchen that looks like it belongs in a magazine? Think carefully… The decision you make will affect the paint choice you make! For example, different shades of yellow are perfect for that warm, cozy feel. For a more modern look, go for chocolate brown or gray. (However, gray will only work if you've got black appliances. Gray paint will look downright dull if you've got a kitchen full of stainless steel.) If you want to be totally trendy, opt for colors like cantaloupe or bright green. Just be prepared to revamp your paint choice when the color trends change! (That's the one downside to being on the cutting edge!) financial news: New Mortgage Rules Controversy

If none of these vibes appeal to you, maybe you'd rather go with something bright and bold. In fact, some kitchens can benefit from being as bright as the fruit on their countertops! But if the thought of creating a completely bright kitchen terrifies you, how about just creating an accent wall? Doing so is a great way to infuse color – without going overboard. New Home Sales Preview

To create a professional look, pick one wall to be bold and bright. Then, paint all of the other walls a lighter, more subdued shade of the color. Just remember – if you really want your kitchen to look "tied together", you can't just pick a bold color at random. You've got to make sure it complements your countertops, your flooring, and your appliances' finishes.

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 No matter what vibe you choose (or what wedge of the color wheel appeals to you!), there's still one more thing you've got to take into consideration – your kitchen's surroundings. After all, your kitchen doesn't exist in a vacuum. If it's next to the living room, your living room décor will affect what paint color looks best in your kitchen. Or, if your kitchen opens up into your backyard, the color of your landscaping will affect what type of paint looks best in your kitchen. It may take some effort, but once you create the right kitchen, it can easily become the heart of your home!

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