How to Pimp Your Practice Room: German Music Producer's Tips for Successful Live Recordings

Star producer Moses Schneider, inspiration for the Strokes founder Gordon Raphael, is releasing a second edition of "the alternative workbook" as an e-book with sound samples

Aug 21, 2014, 12:40 ET from Moses Schneider: The alternative workbook

BERLIN, August 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

German star producer Moses Schneider is now publishing his book "The alternative workbook or how to pimp your practice room." Schneider is one of Germany's most influential music producers. Under his influence, Gordon Raphael recorded two Strokes albums. Schneider passes on his knowledge with "The alternative workbook". It is now mandatory reading for live recording. He explains techniques to produce the best possible recordings without great expense as well as descriptions and sound samples. Schneider comes out with visual expressions like "The sound is bone dry, the vocals sound like they are beginning to spit" which present his musical understanding with pictures you can imagine.

He shares his personal approach to producing and his practical experience, including recording the metal band Kreator.

Schneider gives insight into his approach to what is essential for successful recordings. "Anyone who prefers live recordings knows that the total is more than the sum of their parts. Since bands play together, they have to hear each other when they record."

Schneider is revered by international producers because of his structured and at the same time emotional approach. Gordon Raphael has worked with Schneider for a long time. "Moses is the Albert Einstein of music production. I would not have been able to build up Transporterraum in New York without Moses' help. He understands how to discover the individual sound and recording approach of every band. He talks about these experiences in his book - everyone who plays in a band can use this information."

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