Howling Wolves and Animal Stories Featured in Kristin Alexandre's Oprah Audition

Jun 16, 2010, 11:38 ET from Kristin Alexandre

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Howling wild wolves open the audition by Kristin Alexandre for Oprah's "Host your Own TV show" contest.  Kristin's "Wildcard" audition features animals and people as the subject of interest.

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Kristin promises "amazing" stories of animals communicating with people, such as the true story of Mako, the bottlenose dolphin cruising the shores of New Zealand and preferring to play with humans rather than dolphins.  Mako rescued two beached whales and is causing worrisome behavior by refusing to let swimmers go ashore after a play session.

The audition also features the story of a dog who made a "nest" of her owners belongings after a car accident.  The dog was rescued and reunited with the owners after 13 days.

"All of us must recognize our responsibility vis a vis other animals on our planet," says Kristin.  "When you see the suffering of the birds drowning in oil in The Gulf your heart goes out to them and you see the suffering man can cause."

Kristin believes we must revisit "overpopulation"—the taboo subject that Americans refuse to recognize as an issue.  Our population is 6.8 billion and growing every second.  We dominate the planet and make fun of China for taking necessary action when it comes to their own population crisis.  "We simply refuse to make the connection between China's population controls and their emerging success," Kristin says.

"We have transformed the earth and the ocean and caused the extinction of 30,000 species per year.  It is time to take stock and appreciate our planet, "says Kristin.  "Nothing we have found in outer space really looks quite so good.  We can survive and thrive, but we need some controls and some appreciation."

SOURCE Kristin Alexandre