HR Ratings assigned the long term rating of HR BBB+ (G) and the short term rating of HR3 (G) with a Stable Outlook to the foreign and local currency denominated sovereign debt of the Republic of Peru

Nov 05, 2015, 14:36 ET from HR Ratings

MEXICO CITY, Nov. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The rating assigned to Peruvian sovereign debt is primarily based on the low level of sovereign debt currently outstanding, relatively strong GDP growth, low current levels of inflation, substantial international reserves and recent peaceful transfers of power to different presidents from different political parties; the last being accomplished with no dramatic changes in public policy that would affect the willingness and ability to comply with debt obligations. 

However, the rating was also negatively affected by the following factors: 1) the negative evolution over the last few years of the country's current accounts balance, 2) the sensitivity to changes in international commodity prices, 3) the history of hyperinflation and political instability during the 70's and 80's that resulted in a failure to fully comply with the servicing of debt, such as the agrarian bonds, 4) the substantial, albeit declining, dollarization of the economy, 5) questions concerning the viability of mining operations given important local opposition, 6) upcoming presidential elections, and 7) sensitivity to natural occurrences such as earthquakes and especially to weather phenomena, specifically El Nino.


GDP Real Growth

Nominal GDP (millions USD)

Primary Balance as share of GDP

Financial Costs as share of GDP

Next Debt as share of GDP

Current Account as share of GDP

























































Source: HR Ratings forecast based on data from the Peruvian Central Bank, IMF, Intracen, WTO, & MEF

  Among the factors that justify the assigned rating are:

  • Gross central government debt to GDP at only 17.0%, with net debt at approximately 5.8% (both for 2014). Our expectation is that debt to GDP will increase to 20.1% during our forecast period.
  • Strong recent GDP growth and the expectation that it will remain relatively strong at or above 4.0% from 2017 to 2022.
  • Inflation has remained tame and we expect that it will remain relatively subdued at around 3.5%.
  • Since the end of the Fujimori presidency there have been three successful democratic elections with winners from three different parties and the expectations that this will extend to four in 2016. These accomplishments have been accompanied by a successful return to international capital markets and a rebalancing of the public debt reducing both the absolute and relative size of external debt.
  • International reserves remain high at around 30.3% of GDP, although levels have been declining due to uncertainty in the global economy and in the international financial markets.
  • On the negative side, Peru's economy is significantly linked to the volatile mining exports. This sector is currently suffering from fallen prices as well as significant local opposition to mining operations, potentially limiting production despite major investments.
  • Despite the return to democratic government, favored by highly supportive international commodity prices, the legacy of a relatively recent past remains, although with time its relevance is declining: military rule during the '70s, hyperinflation in the '80s, default during both periods, significant human rights and other constitutional questions during the '90s, much of this related to widespread political violence.

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Republic of Peru

Long Term
Foreign Currency        HR BBB+ (G)
Local Currency            HR BBB+ (G)

Short Term
Foreign Currency                HR3 (G)
Local Currency                    HR3 (G)

Outlook                                   Stable



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The rating assigned of HR BBB+ (G) indicates that the issue or issuer offers a moderate level of security for the prompt payment of sovereign debt obligations in the long term. Peru keeps a low credit risk, with a certain weakness in its capacity to pay in adverse economic scenarios. The "+" sign indicates a relative strength in the rating scale.

The rating assigned of HR3 (G) indicates that the issue or issuer offers a moderate level of security for the prompt payment of sovereign debt obligations in the short term. Peru keeps a low credit risk, with a certain weakness in its capacity to pay in adverse economic scenarios.

*HR Ratings de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (HR Ratings), is a Credit Rating Agency registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States as an NRSRO for this type of rating. HR Ratings' recognition as an NRSRO is limited to government assets described in clause (v) of section 3 (a) (62) (A) of the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934.