HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark Visits STOMP Out Bullying™ To Share Ideas and Best Practices In Bullying Prevention

Jun 08, 2015, 14:48 ET from STOMP Out Bullying

NEW YORK, June 8, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- STOMP Out Bullying™ is delighted to announce a royal visit from HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

The Crown Princess of Denmark and her team from The Mary Foundation visited STOMP Out Bullying's New York headquarters to share ideas about bullying prevention. This marks the first meeting between The Crown Princess and her organization The Mary Foundation with STOMP Out Bullying™.  This is the initial step in raising a greater awareness of the effects of bullying on teens and children across the globe, as well as fostering new ideas on the best methods for prevention and education.

With the increasing use of technology, cyberbullying has become a serious form of violence among teens and young adults with lasting damaging affects. Children and young adults today not only encounter face-to-face bullying, but are also subject to it in the privacy of their own homes though the Internet and mobile devices. Over half of adolescents and teens have been bullied online and do not inform a parent or guardian when it occurs. Unfortunately, about the same percentage of individuals have also engaged in cyberbullying.  

Here in the United States 1 out of 4 children are bullied and 8% students stay home on any given day because they're afraid of being bullied.

When it comes to cyberbullying in the U.S.,

  • depending on their ages, up to 43% of youth report being digitally harassed.
  • 35% of kids have been threatened online. Nearly 1 in 5 have had it happen more than once.
  • 21% of kids have received mean or threatening e-mail or other messages.
  • 58% of kids admit someone has said mean or hurtful things to them online. More than 4 out of 10 say it has happened more than once.
  • 53% of kids admit having said something mean or hurtful to another person online. More than 1 in 3 have done it more than once.
  • 58% have not told their parents or an adult about something mean or hurtful that happened to them online.

According to STOMP Out Bullying, while bullying and cyberbullying are still an issue, we've seen a slight decrease.

Ross Ellis, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, STOMP Out Bullying said: "We are thrilled that HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark requested a meeting with us to share best practices and ideas on bullying prevention. It is our hope that the two organizations can learn from each other, thereby making bullying prevention even stronger across the globe."

Both organizations agreed that prevention is key and were mutually pleased to learn that they share a common thread of core values and look forward to continue the dialogue in the future.    

About STOMP Out Bullying™
The leading national anti-bullying and cyberbullying organization for kids and teens in the U.S. Created in 2005, STOMP Out Bullying™ focuses on reducing and preventing bullying, cyberbullying, sexting and other digital abuse, educating against homophobia, racism and hatred, decreasing school absenteeism, and deterring violence in schools, online and in communities across the country. It teaches effective solutions on how to respond to all forms of bullying; as well as educating kids and teens in school and online, providing help for those in need and at risk of suicide, raising awareness, peer mentoring programs in schools, public service announcements by noted celebrities, and social media campaigns. 

About The Mary Foundation
The Mary Foundation's mission is to combat social isolation – based on the belief that everyone has a right to belong. The Mary Foundation works within three focus areas; Bullying and Wellbeing, Domestic Violence and Loneliness. Free of Bullying is The Mary Foundation's anti bullying program, which is managed together with Save The Children Denmark. Free of Bullying is implemented in almost 50 % of all the Danish kindergartens and 30 % of all schools. The program is based upon early intervention teaching children how to be a good friend focusing on four core values; tolerance, respect, care and courage. Free of Bullying is implemented in Greenland, Estonia and Island besides Denmark. For more information about The Mary Foundation:

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