Huawei Symantec Announces New Security and Storage Brands

Increase global competitiveness through new security and storage solutions

Jan 08, 2010, 09:30 ET from Huawei Symantec Technologies

BEIJING, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- On Jan. 6, Huawei Symantec Technologies (Huawei Symantec) launched its new security and storage brands -- Secospace and Oceanspace -- as part of the "Realize Business Value" campaign for its security business and "Converged Storage" campaign for its storage business.

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Continuous investment, global sales top $300 million

As a leading security and storage provider, Huawei Symantec has developed rapidly by focusing on innovation and global expansion, launching a series of proprietary Firewall/VPN products, high-performance security gateway products and cutting-edge DPI products. In 2010, by launching the complete UTM product line, Huawei Symantec hopes to strengthen its leadership position in the security market, besides bolstering its storage product portfolio by launching proprietary high-to-low-end network storage products, challenging a market previously dominated by overseas players. Its high-end cluster NAS product N8000 has achieved highest performance a rating by standards body SPEC; traditional storage products continue to gain market share; cloud storage solutions such as the distributed file system, online backup and cloud-node are also gaining momentum.

That Huawei Symantec understands customer demands and continues to invest in innovation has resulted in significant market returns. In a market dominated by global players and trading barriers, the Company has retained 80% annual growth and become a key player in security and storage markets, with annual sales in 2009 reaching $300 million.

In China, product sales remain a rapid growth area, with major breakthroughs in Telecom, Finance, Education, Energy, NSP, while high-end products also achieve leading market share.

Huawei Symantec has successfully expanded into EMEA, Latin-America, Russia and Asia Pacific. The increasing global sales network has signified the completion of its initial global strategy deployment.

Secospace security product: Realize business value

According to Huawei Symantec, security is neither a single-point protection nor a passive response to security threats. Instead, security should be a holistic and proactive factor helping customers achieve their business values.

Oceanspace storage product: Converged storage

Explosive growth of information has led to more complicated storage management needs. Therefore, Huawei Symantec hopes to meet the demands by offering comprehensive solutions, i.e. a "Converged Storage" strategy. Huawei Symantec converges storage, equipment, security, business and services to provide cost-effective and energy-efficient storage solutions.

A fresh start for the year 2010 -- Secospace/Oceanspace

"Huawei Symantec has achieved major breakthroughs in key markets, technologies and products in the last two years," said Mr. Zhang Ping'an, Huawei Symantec COO. "To address the greater challenges in 2010, the Company has updated its strategies in marketing, branding and R&D. Secospace and Oceanspace are more than brand names as they reflect the Company's understanding of market trends, customer demands, as well as security and storage technologies. The announcement is a new start for Huawei Symantec's global strategy."

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