HubSpot Launches HubSpot 3: Delivering Marketing Sophistication of Amazon and Netflix to Any Business

Aug 29, 2012, 10:48 ET from HubSpot

BOSTON, Aug. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In front of a crowd of 2,800 people at Inbound2012 this morning, HubSpot co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah unveiled HubSpot 3 - a completely re-envisioned and rebuilt version of its popular marketing software that makes "" personalization achievable for the rank and file businesses that power our economy. The two also threw down a challenge to the entire marketing industry -- For the LOVE of Marketing, stop using marketing tactics and campaigns that people hate.

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HubSpot 3 adds 10 new or fully rebuilt tools to the powerful HubSpot all-in-one software arsenal, each of which makes highly personalized, relevant marketing easier for HubSpot customers. Customers of the companies using HubSpot 3 experience more engaging, more enjoyable marketing that genuinely makes research and buying easier for them when they have a problem to solve. Each individual website visitor can receive personalized calls to action, images, emails and web pages based on their relationship to the company. Marketers can track how all of their marketing actions perform, and follow up with extraordinary relevance, based on what social media they responded to or which piece of content they were interested in.

"Superior personalization drives the growth of giant companies like Amazon who have both the budget and technology to tailor visitors' individual experiences. Data show that personalized marketing consistently and overwhelmingly beats out static campaigns, putting smaller companies at a real disadvantage," said Brian Halligan, CEO and co-Founder of HubSpot. "Today, we changed that. "HubSpot 3 lets marketers tailor their websites, their marketing and even their calls to action to the unique interests and experiences of prospects, leads and customers to deliver the most targeted, relevant experience."

A year in the making, this new software represents HubSpot's rebirth as a completely integrated platform -- a easy, powerful all-in-one control center for inbound marketers. The HubSpot 3 software is flanked by an expanding app and service marketplace -- the first of its kind for marketers -- and comes bundled with the substantial marketing expertise contained in HubSpot's training. At the core of the new software is the "brain" of the system - a dynamic contact database that compiles all visitor, lead and customer interactions - whether on a company's website, social media, CRM system, email marketing or lead generation - enabling all marketing functions to adapt to customers' needs over time.

"It's completely different from anything else on the market, but at the same time a natural evolution from where we began," said Shah. "We started this company to give marketers an alternative to the interruption-based marketing that has grown so ineffective. Inbound marketing helps prospective buyers find you through relevant, useful content. Today we're throwing down a challenge to the entire marketing industry to make marketing that people love.

HubSpot 3 means you can now:

  • Show a customized, relevant action button depending on whether you are a first time visitor, a repeat visitor, a lead or an existing customer.
  • Have your marketing respond differently to folks who are engaged with you on social media, and alert you when someone interacting with you on social media is already a lead or a customer.
  • Make sure the forms on your website don't ask for the same information over and over again, instead becoming shorter and simpler every time someone visits.
  • Receive push notifications right on your iPhone when a new prospective customer requests information from your website, and be able to respond on the fly with relevant information.

Features that are completely new in HubSpot 3:

Social Segmentation:   HubSpot tracks not only the website and email activity of your contacts, but their social media activity as well, including who clicks on your company's social media posts and if they become leads and customers. Marketers can use this social contact data for segmentation and personalization of Smart Content, Emails and other interactions.

Contacts Database with Dynamic Lists:  HubSpot rebuilt database of contacts and leads is an ever-evolving information portal on a company's audience.  Contacts is really the brain of the new platform with lead and customer profiles automatically adapting based on changing preferences and interactions with the company.

Mobile App: Available for free in the Apple app store, HubSpot has released its first-ever mobile application as part of the HubSpot 3 launch.  The app includes a view into a marketer's lead generation flow, the award-winning marketing grader app, and a quick reference of contacts in the HubSpot platform.

Landing Pages with A/B Testing: Landing pages have been rebuilt to be closely integrated with the Contacts database, CRM systems, email, dynamic components, and social media.  Using the new landing pages marketers can build, implement, and measure a full multichannel campaign in one place. The new landing page templates have responsive design to optimize for different devices and browsers.

Smart Content: Smart content in HubSpot 3 comes in the form of Smart CTAs, Smart Images and Smart Fields. Built off the Contacts database, HubSpot 3 enables you to show dynamic images and CTAs that adapt to reflect the interests and stored qualities of the person viewing them. Smart forms adapt and minimize over time. As a company gathers contact information about a given lead, the forms remove fields that have been satisfied in past submissions, making for a better user experience.

Intelligent Email System:   The email system is closely integrated with the contacts database, workflows social media, smart content, and landing pages. It includes templates that have been tested across browsers and platforms, personalization using any detail from the contact database, and robust analytics.

Workflows: Workflows leverage the enormous amount of data in the Contacts database and a series of rules set by the marketer to create dynamically evolving segments and automate marketing actions. More than email automation, workflow enables marketers to trigger campaigns, change contact profile properties, score leads, send notifications, and sync to a CRM system based on when a lead has met a set of conditions. 

App & Service Marketplace:  First launched in 2011, the marketplace has now grown to include more than 100 providers and 60+ add-ons to HubSpot.  The marketplace aims to ensure that HubSpot users will be able to personalize their HubSpot and never run out of functionality for their platform.

Training & Education: To support the expansion in capabilities, HubSpot has also rebuilt its customer training, launching HubSpotAcademy, ongoing training with templates, webinars and other content aimed at helping companies of every size get the most out of their inbound marketing efforts.

HubSpot 3 is available now. New customers can purchase the newly released platform at current HubSpot prices until September 1, when prices are slated to increase. To learn more visit: 

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