Human Circuit Media Integration Strategies Help Rockville 11 Cable Television Station With High-Definition Broadcasting Capabilities

The HD System Upgrades Aim to Improve the Audio and Visual Experience for Rockville City Council Attendees at Meetings in the Chambers at Rockville City Hall and for TV Viewers

Sep 18, 2012, 15:56 ET from Human Circuit

GAITHERSBURG, Md., Sept. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Human Circuit announced the completion of the Mayor and Council Chambers upgrade project, the second phase of Rockville 11's HD workflow infrastructure improvement mission. This is one of many on-going projects with Rockville 11 since the beginning of this sustained relationship that started when the City of Rockville contracted with Human Circuit in 2010 to update the master control, playback server and editing systems.

Bridget Broullire, Station Manager of Rockville 11 said, "We are pleased with the result of this second phase upgrade to the Mayor and Council Chambers which allows Rockville 11 to be fully HD-ready with a new audio and visual presentation system and HD cameras. The engineering and integration team at Human Circuit provided innovative and expertise thinking when it came to updating the Mayor and Council Chambers, a room with furniture dating back to 1962."

The Chambers is one of the most important rooms in the City because it is where the business of Rockville is conducted. The Chambers makeover during the Council's summer recess is part of preparing Rockville 11, the city's television station, to step into the 21st century with high-definition broadcasting capabilities.

Bruce Kaufmann, Human Circuit's President and CEO stated, "We were thrilled to be able to work with Bridget, her staff and the City of Rockville again.  Forward thinking customers create a type of energy that allows our team to innovate and problem solve.  Our team responded to this energy and was able to focus on the City of Rockville's critical issues."

Ms. Broullire went on to say, "Human Circuit developed a work-plan to bring the City up to speed with the latest technology making the television broadcasts more accessible to the residents of Rockville while at the same time creating a user-friendly and aesthetically appealing production space. They understand how government works and they come up with solutions to make things happen. We appreciate their attention to detail and troubleshooting skills."

Watch the Video about the Rockville 11 Chambers Upgrade Project
Take a look at the new features in the renovated Mayor and Council Chambers at Rockville City hall.

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