Hybrids are Not the Only Game in Town for Green Rent-a-Cars, says MPG Car Rental

Diesel fuel is cleaner burning and fuel efficient; the VW Beetle TDI and the VW Jetta Wagon TDI are available from MPG and ready for action on the streets of Los Angeles

Oct 26, 2012, 14:57 ET from MPG Car Rental

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- For customers who are seeking an alternative to a hybrid car rental, MPG Car Rental is here to remind us all that there's more to the field than the hybrid and electric cars that seem to generate the greatest attention. Volkswagen's turbocharged direct injection (TDI) technology has revolutionized diesel automotives, making the cleaner burning fuel accessible to demanding drivers in a manner that was once thought next to impossible. 

Demanding green consumers want the very best and they also crave a bit of variety. While a hybrid car rental in Los Angeles is outstanding both in terms of reducing dangerous emissions and fuel efficiency, Volkswagen has improved the experience of driving a diesel powered car by improving the overall experience of driving. These are cars that are not only designed to provide the very best in fuel efficiency, they are also crafted to be more fun to drive.

For customers who have tried everything and who have taken advantage of a Prius or Volt rental more times than they can count, these outstanding diesel powered cars from Germany's legendary auto manufacturer are a dream come true. Adding TDI technology to two of Volkswagen's best known and most popular compact models has brought a new dimension to the experience of driving the sturdy and reliable Jetta and the iconic, supremely fun, historic, but also highly practical VW Beetle.  

Based in environmentally conscious Venice, California and just a very short distance to Los Angeles International Airport, MPG Car Rental understands that its customers appreciate being offered the widest possible number of alternatives.  The company's all green fleet fits with in with the highly diverse and freewheeling character of Los Angeles, a city where imagination and innovation are organizing principles. 

Still, with any rental car agency, Los Angelenos also demand superior service and competitive pricing, and MPG Car Rental provides that as well. Our friendly and highly efficient staff is there to help customers with their needs and concerns.  Whether you are flying in from out of town or out of the country and need a car to get around, or just a need a substitute vehicle to get around town for a few days, our selection of all kinds of green vehicles from the finest auto manufacturers on Planet Earth provides plenty of options for the demanding drivers of Southern California.

To check out the outstanding selection of environmentally friendly  vehicles available from MPG Car Rental, please visit www.MPGCarrental.com, or call 877-870-7821 to speak a friendly and helpful staff member.

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