Hydra Group LLC Buys Assets of Hydra LLC

Online Ad Network Restructures to Broaden Usage of Performance-Based Advertising

Jan 19, 2010, 11:32 ET from Hydra Group

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Hydra Group is pleased to announce that it has purchased the assets of Hydra LLC, including the Hydra Network, one of the largest performance-based ad networks in the internet advertising industry. A newly formed entity comprised of a group of leading edge, online marketing focused investors, Hydra Group also includes original Hydra founder and CEO Zac Brandenberg.

"Hydra Network's focus on serving the needs of high value, brand name advertisers is unique among CPA (cost-per-action) ad networks and gibes perfectly with the Group's overall strategy to achieve more widespread adoption of performance-based advertising for customer acquisition," said Rick Podgorski, one of the founding investors of Hydra Group and President of Chicago-based venture firm Windomar Partners. "We are providing significant financial resources so that the new Hydra can realize its mission to bring a higher level of traffic quality, technology and process control to the affiliate marketing space, and complete the build out of internal capabilities for direct distribution of ads across search, email, web display and social media."

Hydra Group is investing in further development of the company's recently launched education portal MyDegreeFinder.com, and the addition of new lead generation web sites such as OnlineTaxProducts.com, Hydra Group's soon-to-launch tax portal. According to Podgorski, applying new proprietary technologies, and compliance and quality control processes to Hydra Network's affiliate marketing practice, and augmenting it with internally-driven online ad distribution, will enable Hydra Group to deliver the high volumes of high quality customers necessary to achieve broader usage of CPA advertising among leading brand name advertisers. Hydra Group has recently added campaigns from such advertisers as AT&T, Hotwire, Aegon, and more.

"Maturation, consolidation and increased regulation are causing fundamental changes in the online advertising landscape," said Hydra Group CEO Zac Brandenberg. "We at Hydra are working not only to adapt to a changing environment, but also lead the way in bringing the benefits of results-based, performance-based advertising to more mainstream advertisers."

CPA advertising, also referred to as Cost-per-Acquisition advertising, includes Cost-per-Sales (CPS), Cost-per-Leads (CPL) and Cost-per-Engagement (CPE). Because it only charges for results in the form of actual customers delivered, it is an ad model that promises predictable ROI with zero ad waste.

About Hydra Group

Hydra Group is a performance-based, online advertising company that employs both a network of high volume publishing partners and internal media distribution groups to deliver new customers on a pure cost-per-action (CPA) basis. Distributing action-oriented ads via search, email, websites and social media, Hydra drives millions of new sales and leads each month for many of the largest and best-known consumer product and service companies. Learn more at www.hydranetwork.com.

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