Hydroxycut: Can A Wager Increase Odds of Weight Loss Success?

The makers of Hydroxycut consider how a certain form of wager can actually enhance motivation regarding weight loss efforts.

Jan 24, 2013, 06:00 ET from Hydroxycut

NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Maintaining motivation throughout a weight loss journey is no easy task. In fact, the loss of enthusiasm—often due to a lack of accountability for one's weight loss efforts—results in countless people giving up on their diet and exercise routines each year. But a new article posted by SHAPE considers how a new trend could actually use wagers to increase the accountability and the motivation experienced by individuals who are seeking to lose weight. The makers of Hydroxycut assert that these so-called "weight-loss wagers" are a wonderful way for some people to maintain responsibility for their workouts.

According to the article, some individuals are betting on their ability to lose a certain amount of weight or attend the gym regularly. Multiple websites featuring a variety of wager-based programs have emerged, some that have dieters base their bets on the number of pounds that they lose and others base their participation on their odds of winning prizes. This practice of betting on one's ability to stick to a weight loss routine means, essentially, that individuals are following through with their commitments to avoid financial consequences. In some cases, they are able to actually reap financial rewards if they stick to the goals that they have put into place.

The makers of Hydroxycut understand that the principle of rewarding oneself for a job well done is an integral aspect of a successful weight loss journey. In a recent press statement they explain: "Losing weight is an activity that requires many changes to one's lifestyle. As such, it is crucial that individuals who are focused on losing weight are also paying close attention to the positive things that are taking place. For instance, they may choose to bet on their ability to follow through with a set gym routine as a way of rewarding themselves for building up the positive characteristics of dedication and commitment."

The makers of Hydroxycut go on to say that, whether an individual chooses to place a wager on their weight loss efforts or to mark their successful endeavors with a new item from their favorite store, this model of rewarding oneself for good behavior, so to speak, is a wonderful way to stay motivated to achieve one's goals.


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