Hydroxycut Considers Value of Weight-Loss Vacations

The makers of Hydroxycut encourage individuals to consider how a weight-loss vacation can boost their efforts to lose weight.

Jan 22, 2013, 06:00 ET from Hydroxycut

NEW YORK, Jan. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The New Year always brings with it renewed efforts to lose weight and create a healthier lifestyle. As February approaches, many individuals are still holding strong to their resolutions; however, some may be looking for a way to enhance their efforts and keep their motivation intact. For these individuals, the makers of Hydroxycut believe that a weight-loss vacation may be of value. Here, the leaders of the #1 weight-loss supplement brand in America respond to an ABC article that regales the benefits of such a trip.

According to the article, weight-loss vacations are investments that individuals make into their personal wellbeing. Although not inexpensive, these vacation packages can offer a great deal of value to the individuals who embark on them. To assist people in using this tool to uphold their New Year resolutions, the article has provided several different tips. First and foremost, it encourages individuals to choose a local destination in order to limit the damage that the vacation does to their bank account. Additionally, to keep costs minimal while still benefitting from the experience of such a vacation, the article asserts that a short program, such as a three day stay, is a great option. Finally, the article encourages individuals to book their stay as soon as possible, as January and February are not as popular travel months as the others throughout the year.

The makers of Hydroxycut believe that a weight-loss vacation can boost an individual's enthusiasm for fulfilling their resolution to lose weight. In a recent press statement they commented: "A weight-loss vacation is a wonderful concept, especially for couples who are looking to lose weight together. The support that such an experience provides is invaluable, and the memories that individuals can create while on such a vacation will last a lifetime. Mixing relaxation with weight-loss activities is something that can cast exercise and nutrition in a positive light, thereby creating a mental state that will allow individuals to enjoy the weight-loss process instead of dread it."

The makers of Hydroxycut wish all individuals who are looking to lose weight in 2013 the best of luck in their endeavors and encourage them to consider how a weight-loss supplement may enhance their efforts.


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