"I Have a Headache" is so Last Year

Survey Reveals that Honesty is the Best Policy in the Bedroom…

…and on the Soccer Field

DUREX Plea to the World this Summer: Stimulation, Not Simulation! #DontFakeIt

Jul 11, 2014, 12:26 ET from Durex

NEW YORK, July 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

  • 40 percent of Men Would Turn Down Sex to Watch Soccer This Summer
  • 27 percent of Men Have Thought About Soccer During Sex
  • 42 percent Will Try To 'Get It Over With Quickly' In Order To Watch A Game
  • 70 percent Agree that Faking It on the Soccer Field Ruins the Game
  • One in three Believe it's Worse To 'Fake It' on the Field Than in the Bedroom

The age old excuse of faking a headache has been given the red card by soccer fans with the more honest 'I want to watch the soccer' as the most common way to get out of having sex this summer, a study revealed.

The poll from 72 Point was commissioned by Durex in the UK to highlight how a summer of soccer will affect the nation's love life with their #DontFakeIt campaign. Researchers found that while speaking was favored by most, many are still likely to fake illness or injury this summer to get out of having sex.  Saying 'I've got a bad back' or 'I'm too tired' made up the top three excuses, with 'I've got a headache' and 'I've been working late' completing the top five.

The prospect of a summer of big soccer matches is a dream for many, and for some not even the offer of bedroom action is going to get in the way of their viewing time.

Researchers also discovered that despite the common perception of men rarely being the ones to turn down the offer of some action between the sheets, 40 percent admit they will say 'no' to their other half so they can watch the soccer instead.

Even if they do get intimate with their partners, 42 percent will try to 'get it over with quickly' in order to leave them free to watch the soccer in peace. However, it also emerged that 37 percent would ditch the excuses and accept their partner's offer of sex if they could still have the TV on to keep an eye on the field-side action at the same time.

As this summer's soccer season reaches fever pitch, the connections between soccer and sex are clear: the passion, the excitement, the performance… and those who are quite obviously faking it.

Durex believes nothing should get in the way of great sex, not even the beautiful game.  From the elaborate excuses people make in order to watch a game through to those on the field partaking in ever more melodramatic dives, Durex says no more!  This summer is about stimulation, not simulation; it should be a fake free zone! 

"There is a well-worn stereotype of women making excuses to avoid sex, but it seems that when the soccer is on, the tables are turned," said Aurore Trepo, marketing director, Durex USA. "Excitement levels for soccer fans across the globe are reaching fever pitch, and for some, the passion they feel for the beautiful game is on a par with, if not greater than, that for their partner.  But they need to ensure that once those 90 minutes are up, all attention is redirected solely to their loved one… otherwise there may be penalties!"

With the soccer elite performing on the global stage, discussions about feigning injuries take center stage along with the all too familiar, and often quite acrobatic, dives.

However, anyone taking a tumble better beware because nearly 70 percent of people agreed that those who faked it on the soccer field ruined the game for everyone, with one in three even claiming it was worse to fake it on the field than in the bedroom!

Trepo continued: "There will always some who are guilty of faking it whether it's on the soccer pitch or in the bedroom, and we think now is the time to stand up and declare - great sex is like great soccer; it's better without the faking... and it looks like the public agree!" 

The survey was carried out on June 4, 2014 with 2,000 participants by market researchers 72 Point.

Top ten excuses used to get out of sex:

  1. I want to watch the soccer
  2. I've got a bad back
  3. I'm too tired
  4. I have a headache
  5. I've been working late
  6. I've got work to do
  7. I'm too drunk
  8. Can we do it later?
  9. I don't feel well
  10. I've got an early start in the morning

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