Ianna and Ian Rosenberg Launch Jewellery Trade-in Marketing Drive

Jan 24, 2013, 04:57 ET from Alex Rosenberg Jeweller

ATLANTA, January 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Alex Rosenberg Jeweller founders and proprietors, Ianna and Ian Rosenberg, announce a limited-time offer for customers to trade-in old jewellery for contemporary items from their Winter Collection.

Following the successful launch of their Winter Collection, Alex Rosenberg Jeweller has launched an aggressive marketing drive to make their jewellery more widely accessible to prospective customers.

Ian Rosenberg, the visionary co-founder credited with carving a niche market for the jewellers, announced that for a two-month period ending on 24 March 2013, customers will be able to trade-in their gold, platinum and diamond jewellery for any item in the collection. The renowned Bergdorf Bros have been contracted to provide independent valuation services, providing customers with full confidence in the process.

At the unveiling of the Winter Collection, lead designer and co-founder of Alex Rosenberg Jeweller, Ianna Rosenberg, described the collection as the culmination of over two decades of design innovation and creative excellence, resulting in jewellery that is avant-garde and yet retains a timeless elegance.

A key feature of the new collection is the patent-pending stone-setting process, ensuring unparalleled workmanship and durability, backed-up by Alex Rosenberg Jeweller's industry-leading lifetime guarantee. Not surprisingly, various celebrities and socialites have commissioned custom versions of the jewellery. The limited-time trade-in offer affords their esteemed customers the opportunity to acquire these desirable jewellery pieces without having to part with significant sums of money.

About Alex Rosenberg Jeweller:

Alex Rosenberg Jeweller is a niche jeweller founded by Ianna and Ian Rosenberg and named after their father who is from Atlanta, Georgia. They specialize in authentic white gold, rose gold, platinum, yellow gold, diamond and canary-stoned jewellery.

They work with all kinds of materials in order to create bespoke jewellery. Many of their clients have brought them raw stones, ambers and precious metals and asked them to design and create a masterpiece for their own clients or their loved ones.

You can visit them as they stock some of the finest and largest collections of jewellery pieces and stone sets in their 2nd floor showroom. They offer a customized jewellery service as well with high quality workmanship.

SOURCE Alex Rosenberg Jeweller