IBS Announces Global Launch of Advanced Rights & Royalties Solution

Rightsmaster Addresses Contracts, Rights & Royalty Management for the Digitally Focused Publisher

May 08, 2013, 11:18 ET from International Business Systems

SOLNA, Sweden, May 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- International Business Systems (IBS), a global leading integrated ERP and supply chain solution provider, today announced the worldwide launch of IBS Rightsmaster. The solution is designed to manage the multifaceted rights, licensing and royalty arrangements required by the proliferation of digitized product, in addition to the needs of the traditional supply chain.   Rightsmaster, which is offered as both a stand-alone solution and an enhancement module to the widely-used IBS Bookmaster publishing and distribution software solution, will debut at BEA Show in New York City, May 29June 1, 2013.

"As the digital age continues to evolve, many publishers are being forced to change their business processes in the face of a rapidly changing licensing environment," said Oliver Holden, Director for IBS Bookmaster Americas.  "They're finding that royalties and rights management is adding a level of complexity for which they are not prepared. IBS Rightsmaster has the power and functionality to meet the demands of all the key processes involved in establishing and controlling commercial contracts with an organization's business partners."  

IBS Rightsmaster provides contract management with an intuitive workflow for building and approving contract parameters and contains a centralized repository for all terms and conditions variables within the contract. It tracks a complete inventory of rights acquired or licensed, with flexible integration to front-end supply chain systems and back-end financial systems, in order to handle detailed financial obligations such as royalties, rights and permissions.

Contract management functionality includes:

  • Unlimited contract clauses for sales and financial agreements
  • A complete set of primary and subsidiary rights with specified conditions
  • Flexible definition of royalty and licensing rates including:
    • Unit, fixed or percentage value rates
    • Tiered targets with sliding price basis ranges and rates
    • Prevailing rates
  • Milestones and advances
  • Groupings for royalty offset purposes
  • Tracking and management of reserves, credits and rebates
  • Gratis and sample copy handling

IBS developed Rightsmaster to complement its own suite of modules for the publishing and media industry. It is also compatible with other ERP systems.

"IBS Rightsmaster can streamline rights and royalties labor productivity by as much as half," said Holden. "Publishers can see a payback in as little as six months while improving the accuracy of their records. It simplifies the entire process while providing a real competitive advantage."

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