IBS Group Completes the First Stage of Implementing an Automated Human Resource Management System at Gazprom

Jan 21, 2013, 06:32 ET from IBS Group Holding Ltd

RAMSEY, Isle of Man, January 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

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IBS Group, a leading software development and IT services provider in Central and Eastern Europe, announces that IBS IT Services, a member of IBS Group, has successfully completed the first stage of implementing an automated human resource management system at Gazprom: the system's module "Accounting and Payroll" has been commissioned.

The project was launched in 2009, after IBS IT Services had been chosen as the General Contractor for HR management automation at Gazprom. The final product of the project, which is scheduled for completion in April 2013, should be one of the industry's largest HR databases (covering over 100,000 employees).

Before the project began, Gazprom Group had no single HR database, which prevented staff benchmarking across the Group. As a result, corporate analysis, planning and controlling personnel costs, or projecting the need for employees with certain qualifications had to be done with high margins of error and much effort.

To address these issues, the IBS team focused on faster information processing, reduced effort for Gazprom's HR management and reporting processes, and implementation of an effective competence-based management system to provide transparency and enhance the effectiveness of HR management, and delivering an integration solution to be aligned with reporting systems across Gazprom's subsidiaries.

Currently, the new HR system services over 400 users in the Gazprom Administration and more than 700 users in its subsidiaries. When completed, the system will be used by all the employees of the Administration (2,000 users) and 4,095 employees working at HR departments of Gazprom's subsidiaries.

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IBS Group is a leading software development and IT services provider in Central and Eastern Europe. Through its two principal subsidiaries, Luxoft and IBS IT Services, it offers a wide variety of information technology services, such as software development and IT services outsourcing, IT infrastructure and business applications implementation. IBS Group has business operations in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, the USA, Vietnam and Singapore. IBS Group employs more than 8,300 people worldwide. In the year ended March 31, 2012, the Group reported US GAAP consolidated revenues of USD816.3 million. IBS Group's Global Depositary Receipts are listed on the Regulated Market (General Standard) at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Bloomberg: IBSG:GR; Reuters: IBSGq.F)

About Gazprom

Gazprom is a global energy company. Its major business lines are geological exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and sales of gas, gas condensate and oil, as well as generation and marketing of heat and electric power.

Gazprom holds the world's largest natural gas reserves. The Company's share in the global and Russian gas reserves makes up 18 and 70 per cent respectively. Gazprom accounts for 15 and 78 per cent of the global and Russian gas output accordingly. At present, the Company actively implements large-scale projects aimed at exploiting gas resources of the Yamal Peninsula, Arctic Shelf, Eastern Siberia and the Far East, as well as hydrocarbons  exploration and production projects abroad.

The Company owns the world's largest gas transmission network - the Unified Gas Supply System of Russia with the total length of over 161 thousand kilometers. Gazprom sells more than half of overall produced gas to Russian consumers and exports gas to more than 30 countries within and beyond the former Soviet Union.

Gazprom is the only producer and exporter of liquefied natural gas in Russia. The Company's share in the global LNG  output stands at 5 per cent.

The Company is among Russia's five largest oil producers and it is the largest owner of power generating assets in the country. These assets account for 17 per cent of the total installed capacity of the national energy system.


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