IBT Media Releases First Newsweek Issue since Acquisition

Oct 04, 2013, 08:00 ET from IBT Media

NEW YORK, Oct. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- IBT Media (http://corp.ibt.com), an international digital-only news company, today released the first Newsweek issue to be fully produced by IBT Media since it acquired the publication in August.

Jim Impoco, editor-in-chief of Newsweek said, "We are extremely excited about the launch of this first issue and expect our readers around the world will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed producing it. We've assembled an extraordinarily talented group of journalists who are committed to maintaining the quality and editorial integrity of the franchise and who will help lead Newsweek into its new era."

The cover story, entitled "The Phantom Menace: Exploding Iran's Nuclear Threat Myth," is a deeply reported article that shows the nuclear threat from Iran may be wildly exaggerated.

Two additional features in this edition include: "Facebook Moms" and "Supreme Court Takes On the 'Toxic Avenger.'" "Facebook Moms" is an engaging and intelligent look at the backlash against mothers who use Facebook to tout their children's accomplishments. "Supreme Court and the 'Toxic Avenger'" focuses on a jealous woman who tried to poison her husband's lover with chemicals and was caught and convicted – and has bizarrely become a centerpiece in a debate over how much power the federal government should have over the states. Her case goes before the Supreme Court next month.

Additionally, the first issue explores a diverse set of topics, including: a knowing portrait of everyday life in war-torn Damascus; a Michigan-based blogger who suspected that the NSA was abusing its powers even before Edward Snowden leaked information about the scope of the agency's snooping; how the latest version of the Grand Theft Auto video game has left the entertainment industry in the dust; the investors who stand to gain the most from Twitter's IPO; the psychology of traffic and how our instincts betray us when we are behind the wheel; and how energy drinks may be killing your teenager's brain cells.

Among the highly regarded journalists who have recently joined the Newsweek team at IBT Media: Deputy Editor, Bob Roe; International Editor, Nicholas Wapshott; Senior Writer, Kurt Eichenwald; Diplomatic Correspondent, Janine De Giovanni; Latin America Correspondent, Karla Zablidovsky; Technology Columnist,  Kevin Maney;  Senior Writer, Alexander Nazaryan; Senior Writer, Leah Goodman McGrath;  Senior Editor, Abigail Jones; Senior Writer, Victoria Bekiempis;  Senior Writer, Katie Baker; Cover Designers, Robert Priest and Grace; Managing Editor, Kira Bindrin; and National Security Columnist, Jeff Stein.

A few of the Newsweek sections have been renamed to better capture the content that will be featured in each section, including:

  • 'Newsmakers' has become 'Downloads'
  • 'Better World' has become 'New World'
  • 'Culture' has become 'Life/Style'

Johnathan Davis, co-founder and chief content officer of IBT Media said, "IBT Media will continue to build on Newsweek's legacy of quality journalism while unleashing its global and digital potential for growth by modernizing the business. We are very excited about this first issue and about the talented team we have on board."

The new issue is available to the nearly 400,000 tablet subscribers and selected articles will become available on www.newsweek.com.

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