iDelete Technology Releases Free Self-Destruct App

Screenshot Protection Provides Unique Privacy Option

Mar 06, 2013, 08:00 ET from iDelete Technology

MONTREAL, March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- iDelete Technology announced today that it has released a new self-destruct iPhone app designed exclusively with the privacy and security of users in mind. The app ensures that all texts and images can be secured with iDelete's patent pending Screen Shot Protection, a feature that disables full viewing and replication of the message. The text and image are seen through a viewing loop that the receiver can navigate on the touch screen, making it impossible to capture in a screenshot. Screenshot Protection can be turned on or off by the sender depending on the sensitivity of the message.


With built in encryption, the iDelete app comes with a flexible self-destruct timer that enables the sender to establish how long the message can be viewed before automatically deleting itself from the sender, receiver and the server. As an added measure of control, if a message is sent and not opened by the recipient, the sender can permanently delete the message from their outbox. These combined features provide control and privacy that until now, have not been available in similar self-destruct apps like Snapchat or Facebook Poke.

Real-time messaging makes iDelete a simple solution for users who want to manage their content and control who they share it with and for how long. Once the app is downloaded to each device, users can instantly send private messages via an easy to use, intuitive interface. iDelete is free and is available in the Apple app store.

About iDelete Technology:
Founded by a team of privacy and security engineers, the app was brought to market by iDelete Technology to provide a competitive advantage to the self-destruct app space and to showcase the unique patent pending Screenshot Protection capability. iDelete is free and is available in the Apple app store. For more information, please go to  or visit us on Facebook.

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