If God was Your Mother, Would You Actually Listen When She Talked?

The FarStar Company presents: Coffee and Blood: Love Letters Between the Dead

Dec 08, 2010, 10:00 ET from The FarStar Company

PRAGUE, Dec. 8, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- If God is your Mother, then you'd damn will better listen to her! But would you? Of course not! Instead, you'd curse yourself forever, have your two older and really nasty brothers (Archangels, if you please) beat the wings off of your back with hammers, and then toss you over the Wall into Hell.

And as the millennia crawl by, and you drag yourself upwards again towards the Light, you just don't seem to get any brighter (must be a guy thing). But you do discover that Mom is playing both sides against the middle.  She is God, and She is also the Devil. And you? You're her favorite son. To say that you have issues is an understatement.

The classic series of horror erotica books, "Coffee and Blood" are based on the private and personal diaries of Jefferson Milton Davis, and covers his first 756 years of life as an angel, demon, vampire, ghost, mystic, musician, and author. After that...no one is really certain.

To quote Jefferson: "Look, Ma!  I'm Dead!"

Download the first chapter of "The Dead Have Needs Too" for free.

The first two novels of the popular "Coffee and Blood: Love Letters Between the Dead" series are now available both as eBook, and as Paperback - just in time for Christmas at coffeeandblood.com.

Book One: "The Dead Have Needs Too"

Book Two: "A Man must have his Women to love without limits, or he dies"

Also available on Amazon.com.

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The FarStar Company, s.r.o., Publishers (Czech Republic; New Zealand; USA) started in 1980 as a ghost writing house in Hollywood, California, and is today the sole publisher of the "Coffee and Blood" series (books, merchandise, music, and video) based on the diaries of Jefferson Milton Davis.

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