If Teens are Candidates for Weight Loss Surgery, They Need Extra Vetting, says BHP

As the quality of weight loss surgery from Beverly Hills Physicians improves, the procedure is becoming safer and more effective for adults and teens alike.

Feb 21, 2014, 20:25 ET from Beverly Hills Physicians

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- It is no secret that obesity is on the rise throughout the U.S. However, in children and teens aged 10 to 17, the situation is particularly severe, as 31.3% were diagnosed as overweight or obese in a 2011 National Survey of Children's Health. Yet, even though weight loss surgery has been found to be a tremendously effective resource for those suffering from obesity, it is still rarely prescribed for teens. Some consider this fact to be very unfortunate, particularly considering the impressive advances in sleeve gastrectomy surgery and other solutions pioneered at Beverly Hills Physicians. With over 100 years of combined experience, the board-certified surgeons at BHP have inspired patients from across the U.S. and around the globe to undergo life-changing treatments like gastric sleeve in Pasadena, Beverly Hills, and various other Southern California locations.

For years, BHP has provided their patients with weight loss surgery that doesn't only raise self-confidence, but can also prove invaluable in enhancing health and reducing illness in patients. Dr. Misra, a bariatric surgeon who successfully performed weight loss surgery on a number of obese patients, believes that bariatric surgery should be considered for teens and adolescents that suffer from serious obesity-related conditions like type 2 diabetes or obstructive sleep apnea. The expert surgeon cites the proven, life-changing results of weight loss surgery in adults, as well as the lack of success many teens have seen in losing weight through life style changes alone.

Of course, like any medical treatment, teens should seriously consider the options that are right for them before undergoing weight loss surgery. However, thanks to the advances made by the team of weight loss experts at Beverly Hills Physicians, bariatric treatment is quickly providing to be an ideal solution for adults and teens alike.  

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