If you called Hyundai's Customer Assistance while a resident of California, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, or New Hampshire between August 17, 2011 and November 29, 2011, and spoke with a representative, a class action settlement may benefit you.

Jul 17, 2015, 09:17 ET from Keller Grover LLP

SAN FRANCISCO, July 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The following statement is being issued by Keller Grover LLP regarding Wheelock v. Hyundai Motor America.

There is a pending settlement of a class action lawsuit entitled Wheelock vs. Hyundai Motor America. This case alleges that Defendant Hyundai Motor America  ("Hyundai") violated laws that prohibit the recording or monitoring of telephone calls without notice to or consent of callers. Hyundai denies any liability or wrongdoing of any kind associated with the claims. Both sides agreed to a settlement to avoid the uncertainty and cost of class certification and a trial.

Who is class member?
You may be a class member if you are or were a resident of California, Florida, Maryland, Nevada or New Hampshire and made a call to one or more of the following Hyundai customer assistance toll-free telephone numbers between August 17, 2011 and November 29, 2011: 800-633-5151, 800-243-4462 and 800-826-2277.

What will I receive?
Hyundai has agreed to create a Settlement Fund of $1,350,000.  After class action administration fees and costs, Plaintiff's service award, and Class Counsel's attorneys' fees and costs are deducted, the remaining amount will be paid pro rata to all Class Members who submit timely and valid Claim Forms. Approximately $663,000 will be available for payments to Class Members who submit a claim form before the deadline. It is estimated that each valid claim will receive a payment of at least $68.16.  If not every Class Member submits a claim, the payment will increase to an amount not to exceed $5,000 per Class Member. 

What are my rights?
Participate:  If you wish to receive a Settlement Payment, you must file a claim by September 25, 2015. Claim Forms can be found online at www.HyundaiRecordingSettlement.com, by calling 1-844-528-0185, or by writing to the Claims Administrator at P.O. Box 58578, Philadelphia, PA 19102-8578. 
Exclude Yourself:  If you do not want to participate in the Settlement, you must submit a request for exclusion electronically at the website or postmarked no later than September 25, 2015, or else you will be bound by the Settlement.
Object: If you wish to object to the Settlement, you must send an objection by email to the Claims Administrator at info@HyundaiRecordingSettlement.com or postmarked by September 25, 2015.
Do Nothing: If you do nothing, you will receive no settlement payment and you will be bound by the terms of the settlement including the release of claims.

The Court will hold a fairness hearing at 1:30 pm on November 9, 2015 at 751 West Santa Ana Blvd., Department CX-101, Santa Ana, California to determine of the fairness, adequacy, and reasonableness of the settlement, to consider whether to approve the settlement, and to consider a request by Class Counsel for payment of attorneys' fees and costs and a class representative incentive award. The motion for attorneys' fees and costs and plaintiff's incentive award will be posted on www.HyundaiRecordingSettlement.com after they are filed. You may appear at the hearing, but you don't have to. If the Court does not approve the settlement, no payments will be made.

You can get more information by calling 1-844-528-0185, visiting the website, or by writing to the Claims Administrator at P.O. Box 58578, Philadelphia, PA 19102-8578.


SOURCE Keller Grover LLP