If You're Not Screaming, You're Already Dead!

Oct 12, 2010, 10:17 ET from The Mortuary Haunted House

NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- At the very "dead" end of world famous Canal Street lies The Mortuary, a 140 year old Grand Victorian Mansion, former funeral parlor, and crematorium. It's surrounded by New Orleans' famed "Cities of the Dead" and is among more than a million graves in a one-square-mile radius.

"Between 1930 and 2003, more than 20,000 funerals took place within its walls, the blood and bodily fluids of the dead swirling into a drain in the embalming room deep in the basement catacombs. It's not your typical Haunted House," says Jeff Borne owner of The Mortuary. "Ghost Hunters from around the world have come to The Mortuary to experience unearthly entities throughout the property year round. Now add to what is undoubtedly a very scary environment to begin with, state-of-the-art animatronics, theatrical sets, movie-quality actors in makeup, and unbelievable Fog Screen ghostly special effects and you get to experience one of the most terrifying Halloween haunts ever."

The Mortuary is a unique, world-class haunted attraction because of the realism of the property. "We build sets and bring in props, but 90% of what guests see and experience is real. It is the true nature of the property. It's elegant and at the same time, intensely scary and it's really haunted!"

Upon entering through the front doors of The Mortuary, you are instantly taken into a haunted world that looks surreal. "We teleport our guests into a whole new world where we create and control the entire guest environment and experience. It's about the guest's complete suspension of disbelief." Take for example the embalming room, where tens of thousands of people were laid out on gurneys and had their final preparations performed. Some of the equipment used for this process is part of this set including a centrifugal fluid pump and surgical instruments. In the autopsy training room, another cadaver is being carved open while real vintage black and white training movies are played in the background on an old 35 mm projector explaining the step by step procedure. And in the Seance Chamber, the laws of physics are torn apart as a portal to the supernatural afterlife is ripped open right before your eyes. The room is adorned with late 1800s style books, tokens, and voodoo masks. Only lit by melting candlelight, the wind swirls as the round seance table floats in mid air. The entranced madam calls for the spirits of the departed and an incredible angry ghostly apparition appears out of thin air over the table. Lightning crashes and everything around you springs to life in poltergeist-like fashion. And deep below in a sub-level to the basement is the crypt. Decaying concrete steps wind their way down into an even darker level where the temperature turns cold, the smell of mildew and earth permeate your senses, and you find yourself underground with the coffins and rotted corpses of a forgotten graveyard. Patrons waiting in the queue line above can hear the muffled screams of the terrified guests below them as these poor souls realize they are actually at the same level of the real graves just a few feet away! The twisted imaginers at the Mortuary dream up and create some of the most mind blowing, interactive experiences in the industry. As a guest you experience this story live.

So take a classic streetcar ride from the enchanting French Quarter to the portal of the world famous New Orleans cemeteries, delivering you right to the steps of The Mortuary, one of the top Scariest Places On Earth!


SOURCE The Mortuary Haunted House