IFSER: Introducing the mSCAN

Oct 27, 2010, 08:16 ET from IFSER

MILL CREEK, Wash., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- The International Foundation for Sonography Education and Research (IFSER) is proud to announce the forthcoming release of the mSCAN (mobile Sonography Clinical Assessment Notebook). Its predecessor, The SCAN (Sonography Clinical Assessment Notebook), was developed by IFSER in 1994, and is the current Gold Standard for clinical assessment tools in sonography. Based on sound research and analysis, the SCAN has helped countless numbers of student sonographers, educators and clinical instructors. It has brought peace of mind, knowing the full range of each student's skill set for each proficiency, and now it can be done without the heavy notebook. With mSCAN, the information is available from anywhere the internet can be accessed, offering real-time monitoring of clinical rotations.

  • Affordable
  • Ready to utilize without stressful setup
  • Accessible by desktop/laptop web browser or PDA/mobile device
  • Secure environment
  • Easy  to archive for future reference
  • Can be used by employers to evaluate continuing competency of staff

Like the SCAN, the pricing structure for the mSCAN will be very simple and affordable.  You'll have your choice of 7 proficiency modules each costing $20 per student plus a onetime technology fee of $10 and each will be accessible for up to 24 months from date of purchase.  

The SCAN has a great reputation and proven history. The tool that's been used and trusted for 16 years will soon be available anywhere, anytime access to the internet is available. The mSCAN is expected to be released by the end of the year.  Please watch the website, www.ifser.org  for more details and ordering information.

International Foundation for Sonography Education and Research (IFSER)

Established in 1989, a core group of sonography educators and professionals formed the first foundation specifically focused on the educational needs of the sonography community.  IFSER was created to support sonography education on a global basis. Having given over $500,000 in scholarship assistance and more than $100,000 in grants, IFSER's focus is to expand its focus internationally.  With the emergence of smaller, less expensive sonography devices and the continuing expanse of the Internet, it is possible to reach the growing international sonography community of traditional and non-traditional users with equipment, online training, and instant access to the latest educational material.

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