Ignorance is Bliss for GBP113m EuroMillions Winner

Don't Miss Out on a Million With New National Prize Game

Oct 13, 2010, 02:30 ET from GeoSweep.com

LONDON, October 13, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The winner of the, as yet unclaimed, GBP113m EuroMillions jackpot may go through life blissfully unaware of how he or she came so close to a life-changing sum of money. With new national prize game, GeoSweep.com (http://www.geosweep.com/geosweep-web/home), where you play on a plot of land or 'Geo', there really is nowhere to hide if you have failed to play on your own home and miss out on the GBP1million jackpot!

Using Google Map technology, the winning Geos are easily identifiable and also feature on the GeoSweep.com blog (http://winners.geosweep.com/). The big money draw has already claimed its first two 'losers' on Whitecroft Road, Birmingham and Wallington Avenue, North Shields. Had any of the residents invested in the 'Geo', at just 10p per day, they would be celebrating their new-found millionaire status.

Founder of GeoSweep.com, Henry Oakes, has today pledged to offer these unlucky residents a consolation prize, "As the first people to miss out on the GeoSweep.com draw in this way, we're urging residents of Wallington Avenue and Whitecroft Road to check the website and get in touch with us if they own the houses that the winning Geo landed on."

Launched on Sunday (10 Oct), GeoSweep.com is a new national prize game that allows people to play on location plots that really mean something to them - their home, old school or even where they had their first snog. These plots are entered into two daily draws - the first pays out a guaranteed minimum prize pot of GBP5,000 and the second gives players the chance of winning a life changing GBP1million at almost 2.5 (233%) times as good to win the jackpot than the National Lottery.


GeoSweep.com is the brainchild of twenty year old, Henry Oakes and his brother James. Henry was just 18 and studying for his A-levels when their company was set up.

Henry Oakes, co-founder, said; "The lottery comes of age this year and quite frankly, the old institution hasn't aged too well with its dated format and perma-tanned, D-list presenters. GeoSweep.com is the big money game for the internet age where cutting edge technology is combined with the personal association with your gaming location for an exhilarating experience."

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