iHealth Lab Partners with mySugr

Innovative Glucose Monitoring System and Leading Diabetes App Join Forces to Make Diabetes Self-Care More Manageable, Fun and Affordable

Dec 10, 2015, 09:00 ET from iHealth Lab

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- iHealth Lab, a leading provider of consumer-friendly mobile health devices and apps, and mySugr, a provider of digital health solutions that make daily life easier for people with diabetes, are entering into a partnership to fully integrate the mySugr Logbook diabetes app with the iHealth Wireless Gluco Smart-Monitoring System (BG5).

This partnership is intended to make managing diabetes easier for those suffering from the disease, one of the world's largest health problems. The partnership will make iHealth products more broadly accessible for those interested in taking an active role in managing their own personal health.

The mySugr Logbook is a popular smartphone application that helps people with diabetes improve self-management through elements of gamification, well-crafted design, and immediate feedback through a personalized diabetes monitor. mySugr Logbook is an FDA-registered risk class I medical device and carries an equivalent CE mark in Europe.

The FDA-approved iHealth Wireless Gluco Smart-Monitoring System is a sleek, portable smart glucometer that syncs with a smartphone or tablet. Diabetics can use the iHealth Wireless Gluco Smart-Monitoring System device and test strips to automatically record glucose readings within the mySugr Logbook app for the most accurate glucose results while eliminating the need for manual records.

"Management of diabetes is not about managing data, but about managing patients. That is why it is so exciting for iHealth to work with mySugr on a platform that is designed by diabetics, for diabetics. Connected health is not just the future of medicine, it is already a reality, and using connected health as a tool to empower people with diabetes with user centric applications will help us to transform the diabetic patient into an actor of his own health," said Uwe Diegel, CEO iHealth Europe.

Frank Westermann, CEO at mySugr explained, "mySugr is excited to add iHealth integration into Logbook. Their innovative mobile approach to personalized diabetes care is a natural fit for us and we look forward to extending that innovation to our users." 

The fully integrated mySugr app and iHealth Wireless Gluco Smart-Monitoring system including the device and test strips are currently available in North America and Europe.

Users can learn more about the Logbook app here or download the mySugr app on the App Store and Google Play. Visit the iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System web page to learn more about iHealth's glucometers.

About mySugr

Founded in 2012 by people with diabetes, mySugr creates digital health solutions for people with diabetes. Their products are characterized by the intelligent combination of design, technology, and medical expertise focused on diabetes. Particularly well known is mySugr Logbook with more than 500,000 registered users worldwide. More Info: mysugr.com

About iHealth:

iHealth is a global leader in consumer-friendly mobile health devices and apps that enable individuals to take a more active role in managing their personal health. Based in Silicon Valley, iHealth has designed and manufactured an award-winning line of clinically approved mobile health electronics that include wireless blood pressure monitors; blood glucose meters; body analysis and composition scales; a pulse oximeter and activity tracker. These medical-grade products securely sync with the free iHealth apps on iOS and Android devices, allowing users to easily chart their personal health data, monitor for changes, and share this information with a provider or family member using secure cloud connectivity.

Visit ihealthlabs.com to learn more.

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