ii2P Announces Reconstitution of Lost Credentials!

Oct 18, 2010, 14:17 ET from ii2P, LLC

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Oct 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Three months after ii2P announced the end of password frustration for PC users, it now announces that it can enable the re-establishment of lost credentials if a customer loses his or her ii2P smart card or smart token!

The ii2P MyVault™ password solution uses a microprocessor chip in a smart card, smart token and even a personal portable security device (PPSD) format to store one's credentials (i.e., user IDs and passwords), retrieve and auto-populate them to any intranet and Internet site, and it even supports desktop applications.  As Steve Carter, ii2P President and CEO, states, "Our customers realize that the security of our PIN-activated, tamper-proof smart chips protect their data should they lose their smart cards or tokens.  However, our customers become so dependent on ii2P MyVault™, that the big concern has been the productivity impact from the potential loss of one's multiple credentials.  So we remedied that concern with ii2P MyVault's reconstitution solution such that no user will ever have to worry about losing his or her passwords."

ii2P's reconstitution solution enables an enterprise's IT team to quickly and securely re-create the users' credentials on a new smart card or token.  As explained by Bill Miller, ii2P's Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, "this is a much more than an insurance policy for all users of ii2P MyVault™; it provides solid peace of mind, and it ensures that a user will have a quick retrieval of his needed credentials, no matter what the circumstances are regarding the missing card or device.  And no one else in the industry has this capability."

Smart card-based solutions represent an ideal security platform for storing credentials and for supporting a growing array of security applications.   And ii2P has created an entire family of ii2P MyVault™ password management solutions including authentication using microprocessor chips.  ii2P MyVault™ is very convenient and highly secure, and a user's credentials are encrypted and stored only on that microprocessor chip.  Now, ii2P has devised the means where the user can securely send his credentials to a repository managed and safeguarded by his organization's IT department.  If the user's smart card or token is lost, then the IT staff can use ii2P's special software to re-establish the user's credentials to the new microprocessor chip without exposing them.  With this back-up mechanism in place, end users will be able to totally rely on their ii2P MyVault™ device wherever they go, and whatever sites they need to access via password.

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ii2P specializes in providing IT self-help solutions, such as help desk support and content management, as well as the design and implementation of self service tools, including password management.  ii2P's products and services help deflect service desk calls and deliver the needed information to the end users, all resulting in an end-to-end solution with lower costs and improved end user satisfaction.  In this environment of self direction and independent action, ii2P offers customized self-help portals, process optimization, and password management solutions.  ii2P solutions are scalable and affordable for small companies or large enterprises across all verticals.  Ii2P provides IT self service done right!

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