iMediate Inc. Forms Alliances with Attorneys, Law Firms Throughout South Florida for Speedy Divorce Mediation

By successfully mediating for 468 individuals in 2013 and working over one hundred law firms in the state of Florida, iMediate Inc. continues to form alliances with attorneys and law firms in Palm Beach County, Dade County and Broward County looking to avoid costly courtroom litigating by conducting family and divorce mediation for alternative dispute resolution.

Oct 20, 2014, 14:23 ET from iMediate Inc.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Oct. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- iMediate Inc. at is one of the most visible and accessible family mediation services available in South Florida. Due to the company's unique approach to mediation, allowing its clients to mediate from the comfort of their own home or office via iChat video conferencing, it has successfully been able to form alliances with attorneys, lawyers and law firms through South Florida with clients in need of family divorce mediation.

iMediate Inc. has formed alliances with a long list of boutique, mid-sized and large law firms located in Palm Beach County and Broward County which include the following:

Palm Beach County

Fisher & Bendeck Pa

Cameron, Davis, Gonzalez & Marroney, P.A.

Law Offices of Paul J. Burkhart

Porath & Barbuto Attorneys at Law

Brodie & Friedman, PA

Law Offices of Stephen J. Press

Beaulieu Law Group

Sasser Cestero & Sasser

Law Office of Benjamin T. Hodas

Lewert Law Offices

Denise Rappaport Isaacs, P.A.

Feldman & Schneiderman

Rudolph & Associates LLP

Pugh & Associates

Bonilla Law Associates

Action Family Law


Boudreau Law

Law Offices of Plasencia and Associates

The Bachert Law Firm, P.A.

The Haverman Law Firm

McNamara & McNamara, P.A.

The Hujber Law Group

Law Offices of Diane James-Bigot PA

Pickett Marshall & Rozenson Pa

Donia Adams Roberts Law Office

Ward, Damon, Posner, Pheterson & Bleau, PL

Gonzalez & Henley Law Office

Simon Family Law

Gardner Law

Cheshire Family Law

Dyer Law

Clarfield, Okon, Salomone & Pincus, P.L.

The Law Offices of James S. Cunha, P.A.

James L Green Law Office PA

Trial Lawyers Group

Sweet Law. P.A.

Gerardi Law & Associates

Liliana Jurado Law Firm

Waterman and Wolfe, P.A.

Quartell Law Firm, P.A.


Law Offices of Taryn G. Sinatra, P.A.

Michael Beraha Law

Law Office of Natashia A. Sinckler, P.A.

The Brihammar Law Firm, P.A.

The Balaguera Law Firm

The Law Offices of Patricia Alexander

Law Offices of Paul A. Herman, P.A.

Chopin & Chopin LP

Shochet Law Group

The Law Firm of Ciklin Lubitz Martens & O'Connell

The Law Office of Robert Springer P.A.

Hurst Law Group

Law Office of Ronald K. Lantz

Law Office of Roni J. Devack, P.A.

The Gamot Law Firm

Orsley & Cripps, P.A.

The Ticktin Law Group

Law Office of Troy W. Klein

Broward County

Honickman Law

Law Office of Arnie Gruskin

Lowry at Law, P.A.

Law Office of Curtis R. Cowan

Law Office of Daniel E. Forrest, P.A.

Brinkley Morgan

Marro Law, P.A.

New Horizons Law


The Law Firm of Monica I. Salis, P.A.

iMediate Inc. also works with a few law firms in Miami Dade County and is looking to expand its reach to form new partnerships there.

Marriage laws in Florida which state that if you live in the State of Florida, have children and file for divorce, then according to Florida Statute 61 set forth by the Florida Legislature, you have to attend with or without an attorney. In Florida 95% of all divorcing couples use mediation and avoid going to trial.

Its founder Matthew Brickman has extensive experience as a mediator and has been certified by the Supreme Court of Florida as a county civil family mediator who has worked in the 15th and 19th Judicial Circuit Courts since 2009 and 2006 respectively.

Mr. Brickman commented on his experience working with these law firms saying, "The attorneys are extremely competent, mediation minded and focus on settling rather than litigating."

iMediate Inc. is a company consisting of only State Supreme Court certified mediators in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), with ongoing yearly continuing education who are updated on the latest laws, trends and changes in the statutes governing family mediation. Its mediators absorb the knowledge and experience its founder brings to the table so that their clients can benefit from it.

About Matthew Brickman:

Matthew Brickman has mediated a variety of small claims, civil, and family cases that number in the hundreds. These cases have involved disputes between parents with children, construction companies and even home owners associations. He also has experience in mediating disputes amongst building contractors, small business mergers, bedding stores, auto accidents through State Farm Insurance, landscaping companies, neighbor disputes and real estate agents. His experience even extends to the landlord/tenant segment, nursing homes, disputes between insurance companies, fire departments as well as municipal disputes.

If you are a law firm and wish to schedule your mediation you can use this form to schedule your mediation online: Law Firm Scheduler

If you are an individual and wish to schedule your mediation you can use this form to schedule your mediation online: Individual Mediation Scheduler

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