Immigration Leader Calls for Swift Action From Federal Government

Jul 02, 2010, 09:43 ET from Progressives for Immigration Reform

WASHINGTON, July 2 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In his first immigration speech yesterday, President Obama made one thing clear to the American people: our immigration policy has stalled, and it remains stuck in place.  But that standstill is not the fault of Congress or a lack of bipartisan support. The fact is the nation's immigration laws have not been enforced and the country is now paying the price for years of federal inaction.

"The federal government's refusal to crack down on illegal immigration has led to dire consequences for legal residents and American citizens," said Leah Durant, Executive Director of Progressives for Immigration Reform.  "Our politicians refuse to enforce our laws while millions of Americans are pushed out of jobs every day by the hiring of illegal immigrants willing to work for less pay and lowered working conditions.  It's time for the government to protect its own.  It's time for the government to engage a position that enforces federal immigration law."  

Polls show that an overwhelming majority of Americans favor a tough immigration policy such as Arizona's SB 1070.  Comprehensive Immigration Reform equals amnesty, and amnesty is bad for working Americans.      

"It's time for our leaders to enforce existing immigration laws and take a stand for jobless Americans," said Durant.  "Mr. President, it is time for a crackdown on illegal immigration."

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