Impact Radius Launch Champions New Direction for Performance Advertising, Allowing Advertisers and Media Partners to Connect Directly and Maximise Campaign Opportunities Across all Media Channels

Jan 12, 2010, 07:27 ET from Impact Radius

LONDON, January 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Impact Radius ( today unveils its new platform, featuring online negotiation features and open, centralised directory, which will revolutionise the Performance Advertising industry by directly connecting Advertisers and Media Partners in the delivery of campaigns across TV, radio, print, outdoor and online media channels.

The new multi-channel Performance Advertising platform centres around an open directory listing all Advertisers, Media Partners and Agencies working in the Performance Advertising space, plus advanced tools and technology built specifically for, and with, Advertisers and Media Partners in mind. Third-party intervention and non-disclosure are therefore no longer necessary, as partnerships can be defined and negotiated directly online.

Impact Radius co-founder, Todd Crawford, says: "Having been at the forefront of the global Digital Advertising space for many years, we have continually monitored this industry, its development and needs. We recognise that Performance Advertising continues to gain significant momentum. However, its technology and supporting business processes have not necessarily evolved at the same pace. This disparity between the opportunities and resources limits growth and revenue within the industry."

Continues Crawford: "Seeing an opportunity, we asked ourselves how can we make a great advertising model better? Our answer is Impact Radius, which changes the Performance Advertising landscape entirely by providing Performance Advertisers and Media Partners a technology solution to discover, define and connect directly to maximise profits across all media channels."

Launching in public BETA, the Impact Radius Platform's highly-scalable and reliable technology infrastructure is built for high volume activity. It allows Advertisers and Media Partners to manage their Performance Advertising activity across all media channels. Starting with an open, centralised Directory to discover new partnership opportunities, the platform also features advanced relationship management tools with unlimited tracking capabilities, online negotiations, multi-channel ad creative, customised reporting and a sophisticated financial infrastructure with unprecedented payout flexibility. The company also introduces Radius Pricing, an innovative approach to fees that uniquely aligns value and cost for each individual relationship and is scaled according to volume of activity within each relationship.

With offices in both Santa Barbara and London, integration of the new Impact Radius Platform into the UK market is being led by former Commission Junction and affilinet Head of Partnerships, Ricki Jones: "The technology was built after thoroughly investigating the individual and combined needs of Advertisers and Media Partners. The result is a robust and highly-scalable solution which is already providing a collection of UK and US-based clients with the ability to manage creative, track campaigns, maintain campaign budgets, reconcile payments and strategise for improved Performance Advertising results."

The Impact Radius Platform is also open to Agencies and businesses that provide technology solutions or services to Media Partners and Advertisers. From a single login, they have the ability to easily navigate between clients to manage multiple accounts, view client and agency performance through macro-level reporting functionality as well as promote their services to potential Advertiser and Media Partner clients.

Crawford concludes: "Performance Advertising is now an established and integral part of most Online Marketing strategies, and the Impact Radius Platform's tools & technology will allow Traditional, Offline channels to experience the same growth and revenue opportunity. We are providing the industry with a much-needed solution for increasing growth and profitability. In developing Impact Radius, we believe we have solved many issues that were holding Performance Advertising back and are enthusiastic about how the industry, as a whole, will use the tools and technology going forward."

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Developed by a group of the global Digital Advertising industry's most progressive and experienced Performance Advertising specialists, Impact Radius links Performance Advertising to TV, radio, print, outdoor and online distribution channels-delivering to Advertisers and Media Partners opportunities for growth and profit. By providing the tools and technology to negotiate and manage relationships directly on a single platform, Impact Radius is changing how Performance deals are transacted across all media channels. With its 'clear box' philosophy, Impact Radius is championing a new direction for Performance Advertising by increasing transparency in relationships and improving decision-making for Media Partners, Advertisers and Agencies. To find the clear path to better Performance partnerships, visit:

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