Imperial Healthcare's Eminent Eye Surgeon Restores Road Accident Victim's Future

Sep 18, 2015, 14:26 ET from Imperial Healthcare Institute

DUBAI, September 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

The Imperial Healthcare Institute, a Dubai-based center of excellence in eye care, is in the focus of media attention after the most recent achievement of its eminent eye specialist and medical director, Professor Dr. Vinod Gauba. Using Innovative Microsurgery Laser technology, Dr. Gauba and his team successfully treated the extensive facial and eye trauma suffered by accident victim Ali AHN, restoring his "future as a young man and professional."

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Only 23, Ali was involved in a horrific road accident as a passenger in a high-impact collision. He suffered extensive injuries to his face and left eye, which lost all sight. Treated at a local trauma centre, Ali was discharged after unsuccessful attempts to repair his injuries. The extent of the damage made it almost impossible for Ali to find a doctor who could help him, until colleagues recommended Dr. Gauba.

Imperial Healthcare used advanced microsurgical and orbital techniques to help repair Ali's eye socket and orbit. Delicate surgery followed, using lasers to restore Ali's eyelids and address facial scarring. The front of his left eye was recreated using a novel prosthetic technique to match the appearance of his right. The final result brought Ali to tears; "I am overcome with joy and feel like a human being again. Dr. Gauba and the team made sure that the treatment process was very comfortable, ensuring I was aware of every step of the treatment. I can't put into words the gratitude that I feel."

Dr. Gauba commented, "Ali went through a traumatic experience which no one should have to go through. With the technology and expertise in the region today, we can treat many such challenging cases which would traditionally have been treated abroad. The results prove that specialized healthcare in Dubai and the MENA region is reaching a standard that we can be proud of, and the fact that we have treated patients from over 130 countries at Imperial Healthcare is a testament to this."

About Imperial Healthcare  

Imperial Healthcare Institute is a regional hub for specialized eye care in Dubai Healthcare City. It is dedicated to providing excellence in clinical care by adhering to the highest International clinical standards and delivering world class expertise in an integrated multi-specialty environment. Professor Dr. Vinod Gauba is a leading eye specialist and oculo-facial plastic surgeon based in Dubai.

Abbey Sabrina Wood

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