Improved Client to Server Model Available for Auction by ICAP Patent Brokerage

Feb 06, 2013, 06:00 ET from ICAP Patent Brokerage

MENLO PARK, Calif., Feb. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ICAP Patent Brokerage announces for auction an improved client to server model from IO-Global Limited, which provides a method and system for real-time control of service requests from client to server. This lot will be included in the 18th ICAP Ocean Tomo IP Auction on March 20, 2013 at the Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park, California.


"We are excited to be offering this client to server IP package to our global base of buyers. With the significant growth in cloud, mobile, and web-based services, the need for effective management of client requests on services is paramount to avoiding congestion, malicious attacks, and to meet service level agreements (SLAs) and client user demands," says Dean Becker, CEO of ICAP Patent Brokerage.

Key Characteristics & Benefits

The IP package includes technology for controlling service request from the client to the server, and allows the server to control the rate at which a client can communicate with it – where a server is a computer offering a software service, and a client is a computer that is making use of that service. The service requests are queued at the client and the transmission of the queued service requests are delayed to smooth the frequency of service requests transmitted to the server.

The importance of protecting server-based computing resources through intelligently applied measures is ever increasing. Significant problems can arise when calls from clients exceed the capability of the server environment; resulting in slow service, breach of service level agreements, failed transactions, and dropped connections. This IP sales offering provides an effective way to achieve more efficient usage of server resources and provides the operator with better control of service loading in order to meet demand, conform SLAs, and identify and deal with denial of service attacks.

Various advantages arise from the invention. First, use of a control intermediary allows controls to be applied to the service in real-time rather than relying on agreements that may be breached. Controlling the service requests using information supplied by the server will result in more efficient usage of server resources. Preemptive load control measures can be applied to clients, for instance, before a busy period to allow better management of service levels and SLAs for service clients. In addition, the system allows individual denial of service attacks to be identified and dealt with before firewall and packet filter mechanisms are applied.

This is a highly relevant portfolio for Internet service providers, cloud service providers, and web and mobile service providers including search and social networking providers. 

See this technical description of the client to server model IP sales offering.

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