In an Effort to Protect Arizonans From the Scorching Summer Months, Parker & Sons Offers Coupons

The Arizona summer can be a sweltering inferno inhospitable without fully functioning air conditioning. So, Parker & Sons, rated number one service provider several times over, offers a coupon for a discounted air-conditioning tune up.

Jul 23, 2015, 13:00 ET from Parker & Sons

PHOENIX, July 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- For over forty years Parker & Sons has been servicing the plumbing and HVAC needs of the valley upholding Grandpa Parker's legendary customer satisfaction guarantee which ensures "comfort today or else don't pay." Indeed, this commitment to customer service and care plays no small part in the success of Arizona native company. The discounted air-conditioning coupon is just one more way to strengthen the bond between Parker & Sons and the Phoenix community.

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"This coupon is our way of making sure that customers are prepared for the summer months. Nothing is worse than being without air conditioning in Phoenix during the summer. Do yourself a favor and get your AC checked before the summer arrives," said Josh Kelly, partner at Parker & Sons.

The Arizona summer is almost more dangerous than a war zone. If it's not the 120 heat that gets you, it will be the dry climate which makes everyone privy to dehydration and heat exhaustion. Or perhaps a capricious monsoon storm will be your assailant. These storms appear without warning and are accompanied by dangerous deadly winds and dense heavy rain fall. Add dust grime and dirt and this whirlwind of an unpredictable storm can put you amidst a dire strait. Lastly, the summer is when Arizona's most notorious wildlife makes an appearance. Cold blooded reptiles like rattle snakes love baking in the hot sweltering sun. Hiker be ever vigilant on the trail.

But the most important summer survival tip is to gain perspective. Realize that the summer only lasts for about four months and the remaining eight months of Arizona's climate are considered ideal by most. Remind yourself constantly that the scorching heat is only temporary and things will soon get better.

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