In an Historic Meeting, Sudanese Political Forces Chose "Sudan First"

Apr 08, 2014, 12:59 ET from Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan

WASHINGTON, April 8, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In an historic milestone meeting on April 6, 2014 in Khartoum, representatives of 83 Sudanese political forces agreed to put "SUDAN FIRST."  The consultative meeting was called for by President Omer Albashir to deliberate on how to proceed on his Jan. 27, 2014 initiative for a comprehensive inclusive national dialogue. The ultimate objective of that initiative, which invites the participation of both armed and non-armed opposition groups, is to redraft the constitution and address the fundamental issues of peace, economic development, political reform and Sudanese identity. The President paved the way for the success of the upcoming dialogue by announcing the release of the political detainees, lifting of all restrictions on freedom of expression and guaranteeing the safe and secure passage and participation of the leaders of the armed groups as a way to encourage them to participate. All the political leaders who addressed the meeting emphasized the importance of putting the country before politics and called upon those who did not participate to join hands to save Sudan… the land and the people.

The issue of Sudan's regional and international relations was one topic that has been suggested to be added to the agenda of the dialogue, given the critical impact it has on all other issues. The participants also welcomed any positive contribution from the international community.

In this regard, it is worth noting that the President of South Sudan, His Excellency Salva Kir Mayardit, has concluded a successful one-day-visit to Khartoum on Saturday, April 5, 2014 in which he addressed  the security challenges facing the two countries as well as other bilateral issues pertaining especially to the implementation of the signed peace agreements.  The visit and it's outcomes clearly demonstrate that the Sudanese people in the two countries are very keen to preserve their historic kinship and to face their current challenges as brothers. 

The positive outcomes of the Consultative meeting, which was convened by President Albashir and the visit by the president of South Sudan, are indeed achievements of enormous proportions. Once again, the Sudanese people have found a way to come together to reconcile their differences and work in harmony for peace, stability and political reform. What is left is for all parties to recognize that their determination to stay the course shall empower them to overcome any obstacles they may encounter in the road ahead.

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SOURCE Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan