In Hair-Tight Political Races in New York and Florida, 'Hair IQ Score' Might Just Decide Who Wins by a . . .

Rating Butting Heads Cuomo and Paladino Is Easy, But Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Rick Scott Poses Dilemma For Dr. Larry Shapiro's Hair IQ Score. How Do You Rank Baldness?

Oct 14, 2010, 08:30 ET from Dr. Shapiro

BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- According to Dr. Larry Shapiro's Hair IQ Score, the more you have and the closer it comes to a wave perfect Ronald Reagan "10" might just give you the edge you need  to win a hair-tight political race.

In New York, Paladino has a slight lead over Cuomo by a point on Hair IQ Score, with a "margin of hairror" of 2. But what do you do when one of the candidates in the tightest of gubernatorial races is bald?

Since hair transplant surgeon Dr. Shapiro doesn't want to insult someone who could very well be the next governor in his home state (and maybe a future client), he has elected to do the politically correct thing by assigning Scott an 'N/A' for "Not Applicable."  

Dr. Shapiro recently announced Hair IQ Scores ( for celebrities, but now turns his hair-splitting analysis to politics, which just might determine "out combs," said Tom Madden, CEO of TransMedia Group, known for its hair-spinning publicity (

"By focusing on factors such as texture, health, body, shine, presentation and color, Dr. Shapiro is making us look at politics and celebrities in a whole new way," said Madden.  

Democrat Alex Sink's sultry brunette bob reached a score of 7 and in the New York Governor's Race, Paladino's short, styled, but graying mane scored him an impressive 8, over Cuomo's 7.

In Illinois, Republican Mark Kirk scores a 7, just one point under Democrat Alexi Giannoulias, an 8. Both Kirk and Giannoulias have thick, rich, brunette toned tresses, the right image for political success!

In the New York Senate Race, Democratic candidate, Kirsten Gillibrand scores hairs above Joe DiGuardio, the Republican candidate. Gillibrand's short, feminine, blonde hairstyle scored a near perfect 9, whereas DioGuardio's middle brown colored short and professional male cut puts him at only 5.

Go to to see more of Dr. Shapiro's political and celebrity ratings and suggestions of how to raise your Hair IQ with his line of Help Hair products (

So instead of "As Maine goes, so goes the Nation, it might be as mane goes," said Madden.

SOURCE Dr. Shapiro