In the face of terrorist attacks and news reports of regional war escalation, a new emergency care product may be all you need to survive

Imagine yourself falling victim to a terrorist attack without immediate access to medical care and no one to help you with your injuries

Feb 03, 2016, 12:09 ET from OSNovative Systems, Inc.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- OSNovative Systems, Inc., the developer of Enluxtra™ dressing, the most successful advanced wound care dressing to have hit the market in recent years, has launched Enluxtra™-E bandage — a new "smart" emergency bandage specifically designed for victims of terrorist attacks, military personnel on the battlefield, and disaster preparedness.

The new emergency bandage is based on the company's best-selling Enluxtra wound dressing. Its goal is to improve the survival rate for people caught in extreme situations without medical help. This includes combat casualties, individuals injured by explosion blasts, and those trapped without supplies as a result of various disasters or in the wilderness.

Enluxtra-E bandage fulfills urgent wound care needs with the help of innovative technology when the majority of professional medical care teams may be diverted to emergency areas of higher priority. Any wounded person can use this bandage as a first-line defense to control bleeding, protect the wound from infection, and boost fast healing crucial for survival.

The super-absorbent "smart" polymer dressing material absorbs and retains fluids even under compression, stopping the bleeding and depriving pathogens of water necessary for their replication. This advanced life-saving technology helps increase the 72-hour survival rate — a critical time window before professional care is administered.

Enluxtra-E bandage can be applied by anyone using just one hand — no special skills are required. An easy to use self-adhering elastic wrap securely holds the bandage in place. It is currently available in one size with a shelf life of 3 years. Enluxtra-E bandage is useful as both a first field dressing and in combat support hospital settings. It also addresses civilian emergency needs for various types of wounds as well as thermal, chemical, or radiation burns.

"We have created this new product to help save lives. The essential advantage of Enluxtra-E emergency bandage is its ability to protect the wound from infection and prevent the development of serious life-threatening issues such as gangrene or sepsis, and its proven versatility in healing many different types of wounds and burns," says Oleg Siniaguine, Ph.D., the company's founder.

"Being prepared to care for unexpected traumas or burns is of paramount importance for everybody, especially now, when threats of terrorist attacks emerge almost daily, wars break out in multiple regions around the world, and natural or industrial disasters take lives of many people," Mr. Siniaguine continues. "In recent months, we have been receiving many requests for an emergency wound care product from war-affected regions. We are happy to be able to fulfill these requests now."

The cutting edge know-how of the company's leading scientists consistently opens new horizons with products of almost unlimited potential for healing of the most difficult chronic wounds and effective treatment of acute wounds.

The company's flagship product, Enluxtra Self-Adaptive wound dressing, has been adopted and successfully used at major US medical centers (UCSF, SFGH, and others) and government health systems such as VA. It is currently sold in every US state by leading pharmaceutical distributors — McKesson, Medline, Cardinal and many others.

OSNovative Systems, Inc. is committed to providing the highest standard of advanced wound care to satisfy diverse market needs at the lowest possible cost and with the most efficient performance.

The fast-growing Silicon Valley start-up consistently doubles its revenue every year and is on a stable track for further domestic and international expansion of its market share.

About OSNovative Systems
OSNovative Systems, Inc. is a rapidly growing start-up in the Silicon Valley. It is a privately held company, owned, and managed by a team of dedicated professionals. The company develops, manufactures, and sells proprietary devices for advanced wound management, combat/emergency medicine, and cosmetic skin care.

OSNovative Systems, Inc. is in cooperation with a world-leading supplier of raw chemical materials in order to fabricate its products to the highest standards of quality. The company's quality management system has been ISO 13485:2003 certified to adhere to international standards developed for manufacturers of medical devices to ensure that products and services are safe, reliable, and of good quality.

The company's flagship product, Enluxtra dressing, is the first and only wound dressing of the new self-adaptive class and is suitable for all wounds at any healing stage. Self-adaptive technology revolutionizes wound care and makes institutional, home-based, and field wound management simple, efficient, and cost effective. The Enluxtra brand is widely recognized by medical professionals in the US and internationally.

OSNovative Systems is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. For more information, visit

About Enluxtra:

  • Enluxtra Self-Adaptive Wound Dressing is the first self-regulating super-absorbent fiber dressing with built-in on-demand hydration.
  • Innovative self-adaptive technology enables the dressing to re-start and complete healing of difficult or non-healing wounds.
  • Enluxtra dressing uses "smart" feedback-driven materials that functionally adapt to match unpredictably changing wound conditions. This adaptability makes the dressing suitable for wounds of any etiology (including burns), and of any drainage level — from minimal to high.
  • Enluxtra dressing is designed for long wear time and fewer dressing changes. Its absorbency is approximately 2 times higher than any dressing on the market. Its material locks in the absorbed exudate, and does not release it under pressure, preventing skin maceration. Further, the dressing supports intensive natural autolytic debridement, and microbial and odor reduction.
  • Enluxtra dressings significantly decrease treatment time, material, and inventory expenses, reduce the cost of care, and help improve quality measures.

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