In the Wake of Natural Disasters, KineticD Provides Luce, Schwab and Kase, Inc. with Data Recovery Support

Regional Commercial Air Conditioning Distributor Looks to KineticD to Protect and Recover Its Data

Feb 07, 2012, 08:00 ET from KineticD

TORONTO, Feb. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --KineticD™, known for its cloud backup and data recovery services designed for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced that Luce, Schwab and Kase, Inc. utilized KineticD's services to keep its data flowing and its business open during Hurricane Irene, and the subsequent flooding that she left in her wake.

Luce, Schwab and Kase, Inc. has specialized in portable and commercial air-conditioning for more than 50 years. With remote users and seven corporate servers in offices located throughout the tri-state area, they were looking for a reliable backup solution that would provide them with the tools to backup data locally and to the cloud; and they wanted to be able to do it from any office or remotely as needed.

When searching for the right solution, Rebecca Tuttle, IT Director for Luce, Schwab and Kase, compared several major competitors in the space and found that KineticD provided secure remote desktop backup capabilities and a true hybrid-cloud solution. On August 30, 2011, this decision turned out to be a lifesaver for the business, when Hurricane Irene struck the region, forcing the closure of its Fairfield, N.J. headquarters for nearly a week.

Company employees tried multiple times to gain access to the corporate servers that were located in the flood zone but were repeatedly turned away by the National Guard as the Passaic River crested its banks and flooded the town of Fairfield. Tuttle, who was returning from a cruise in Alaska and was unable to fly home because of the storm, used her laptop computer to access and restore corporate data virtually, keeping the rest of the offices open for business until their headquarters could re-open.


Rebecca Tuttle, IT director for Luce, Schwab and Kase:

"KineticD provided us with the necessary tools to remotely backup and retrieve data from our own servers as well as the cloud. As we endured a series of natural disasters over the past year, this technology has proved invaluable. With the remote capabilities of the software, I have been able to restore data to our long-distance users remotely from a PC, laptop or my iPhone, saving us valuable time and money. The assurance that our data is safe and secure allows us to focus on what is important to us, our customers and our business."

Jamie Brenzel, CEO, KineticD:

"Luce, Schwab and Kase is a perfect example of our business philosophy; to provide SMBs with the same level of service and protection that large enterprises have come to rely on. This type of feedback strengthens our resolve to provide our customers with quality backup and recovery solutions that keep their businesses running in the face of disasters."

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