In Tip-Top Shape? Now is the Best Time to Purchase Life Insurance

Sep 21, 2011, 11:00 ET from IntelliQuote

EL DORADO HILLS, Calif., Sept. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- You've just completed a great workout, and you are feeling stronger and healthier than ever.   As you're taking off your running shoes, you probably didn't pause to consider, "I really need to purchase a life insurance policy soon."

Statistics show younger and often "healthier" people are less likely than in past decades to be starting their adult years with  individual life insurance. Only 13 percent had individual life policies in 2010, compared with 30 percent in 1998.(1)  If you're in tip-top shape, evaluating life insurance quotes and purchasing life insurance is most likely not top-of-mind.  However, the perfect time to consider life insurance is when you are in good health.

"Your insurability is substantially higher when you're younger and healthier, so you can often secure the best rates on life insurance during this part of your life," said Gary Lardy, CEO of and a respected insurance expert.  "More importantly, this is also the perfect time to anticipate your future needs for life insurance.  For example, do you have future plans to marry, have children, or take care of other loved ones?  If so, locking down coverage at this point in your life is a great plan."

Planning for the Future

One of the greatest benefits of being in tip-top shape is that you have a much better chance of securing a preferred rate from a reputable insurance company.   Preferred rates are available to policy holders in excellent overall health, and for those who maintain a healthy lifestyle.   In fact, a healthy 30-year-old person can typically purchase $400,000 of 30-year guaranteed level term coverage for only approximately $1 per day. 

Insurance companies determine your health class by evaluating a number of factors including: tobacco use, height-to-weight analysis, your current cholesterol reading, blood pressure and whether or not there are any other notable health issues.  Many companies also may factor in family health history, if there is a history of alcohol or drug abuse, or if you participate in hazardous activities.  

To better determine your health class, provides online life insurance quotes, featuring a health class estimator.  This innovative feature gives you the ability to determine your specific health class, and can help you to qualify for the lowest rates possible.  You can access this easy-to-use tool at:

"Healthier individuals are extremely fortunate in that they're able to find more accessible, affordable life insurance policies to protect themselves and their families," Lardy said.  

"Remember that life insurance rates increase as you age.   As a young adult in good health, now is the time to purchase affordable term life insurance.  With term insurance, as a young adult you are able to lock in premium rates for the term of your policy, whether that be 10, 20, or 30 years. This low rate remains the same for the duration of the term."

Because we can't always predict what might happen in the future, life insurance can help sensibly safeguard your financial situation for the future.  There is a very good possibility your current situation may change in a few years, so take necessary steps to be certain you've prepared for life's surprises.  Your life insurance needs will certainly change if you decide to get married and start a family, when you purchase a home, if you change jobs or accept a promotion.  Your needs will also change should you take on the responsibility of supporting aging parents, when you start a college fund or as you make plans for retirement.  Take advantage of the hard work you've devoted to keeping your body in great shape, and seize this opportunity to explore the benefits life insurance provides for you now and into your future.


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(1)According to LIMRA's life insurance consumer studies, as published in the Facts About Life 2011 fact sheet.  LIMRA is a worldwide research, consulting and professional development organization.

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