Inaccurate Mayan Palace Scam Reports Don't Do Much to Tarnish Image of Luxury Resort

Jan 28, 2014, 18:20 ET from

The Mayan Palace, one of Mexico's leading destination resorts, was hit with unfounded accusations of fraud in an attempt to put doubt in the minds of travelers. The service they provide has spoken louder than the rumors and their reputation has remained unscathed.

CANCUN, Mexico, Jan. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - In what has been concluded to be an attempt to damage the reputation of the hotel, Mayan Palace scam rumors began circulating online that accused the resort of defrauding their customers. When serious allegations like these are levied at a group that has a normally stellar reputation it is cause for concern, and will naturally raise some eyebrows in the process.

An investigation into the legitimacy of the accounts of the scam was launched to compare what these reports were saying with honest reviews, both positive and negative, written about the resort by recent guests. Surely if there was a problem with the business being operated out of the Mayan Palace it would be mentioned at least once? Random samplings of reviews and testimonials written for the Internet's leading travel sites show a wide discrepancy between the claims being made and the experiences of the customers. So much so that even the negative reviews of the hotel don't mention any scam or fraudulent activities listed amongst their criticisms. Some guests loved the location while others found the resort too big to walk around, nothing more than standard difference of opinion and taste; what nobody mentioned was feeling they were conned out of their money and given something other than what was advertised.

Even though the investigation concluded that these Mayan Palace scam write-ups were false there is still the chance that damage has already occurred to the business. Thankfully in the case of the Mayan Palace scam claims, common sense ruled out over hysteria and the image of the resort remained untarnished, thanks in part to the support of loyal customers who demanded their voices be heard over the louder, negative ones.